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The following events take place this week on Desperate Housewives:

- Bree stars to fall for Karl and drifts further from her husband.

- Katherine continues her pathetic attempts at winninng over Mike, all of which add to her conflict with Susan.

- After Juanita says something inappropriate during a school play, Gabrielle erroneously gets her expelled from school.

- Lynette discovers that Tom is cheating during on his mid-term.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Gabrielle: Let me tell you something, Mrs. Peterson. I am pulling Juanita out of this crappy, crappy school! Come on, Carlos!
Mrs. Peterson: Crappy, huh? What a shame Juanita won't be here to blurt that out during the Pledge of Allegiance!
Gabrielle: Oh, yeah? Well, here's a blurt for ya: (@!#$%^&*!?) ... and the horse you rode in on!

Lynette: (holding a worldmap) There you go, Gaby. It's kinda old. It's from before the Soviet Union broke up.
Gabrielle: The Soviet Union broke up?
Tom: You sure you know what you're doing with this homeschooling thing?
Gabrielle: Oh, honey, Juanita's in first grade. She'll believe what I tell her.