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Tina is being transferred somewhere in a truck.

At the orphanage, the kids are being told lies about their parents and that socialism is the way to go.

Rose and Lenora talk about selling weapons when Ingrid comes into the kitchen. Lenora tells Ingrid that Martin is alive. She's relieved.

Brigitte gives Martin some film to use t convince the HVA that he's on their side. Then they talk about Max and Lenora. She tells him that after he gets Lenora, they're going to disappear.

Tina is taken somewhere where she's forced to change her clothes. She's just been transferred out of East Berlin. Martin walks by and notices her. He's going to East Berlin while she goes the opposite way where Walter is waiting for him.

Tina is apparently a free woman. S

She asks the guard about her family but he doesn't know anything. She's completely lost. She waits patiently for her husband and kids but they never come.

Thomas finally shows up to get her.

Annett is looking at Tina's file and those of her kids. She throws the files in a drawer then pulls out Martin's file. 

Walter brings Martin to the committee meeting where they give him a round of applause. He's not impressed. Annett comes into the room as Martin is giving his report.

Martin is being questioned by Annett. She asks about Brigitt and he sticks it to her telling her everything, even about their sexual liaisons.

Walter and Hartmann are there. Martin gives them the microfilm.

He tells her he wants to see Max. 

Thomas tells Tina what she found out about her family which is nothing.

She asks if Martin is involved with it all and tells him she saw Martin cross to the other side.

Walter brings Martin home. She's so happy to see him. She tells him about Rose and Lenora staying with her.

Rose and Lenora check into a hotel in East Germany. They get cozy in the hallway when Gary Banks shows up spying on them.

Frank tells Brigitte he's handing in his resignation so they can spend more time together. She's not thrilled.

Martin is looking at pictures of Max as Walter looks on. Walter tells Martin he didn't give Max the letter he sent.

Tina won't leave the bench. She's waiting for her family who will never come.

Thomas' girlfriend tells Tina what she knows. She finally leaves with them, but she's quite upset.

Rose is headed to her mission but she's going to meet up in Lenora in a week in Cape Town. In the meantime, they attend a party for the launch of the new cruise ship.

Martin is at the hotel and follows Fuchs as he's called away for some emergency. Fuchs learns that all the rooms on the ship are wired.

Martin goes into the control room to "look over" the guy's shoulder as the show begins.

Martin sees Lenora and Rose and they tune into what's going on in that room. Martin is suspicious.

Martin steals the guy's camera and leaves when he's not looking.

Rose sents a message to Sanjev to be ready as the ship sails tonight.

Martin breaks into Fuchs room while he's taking a bath with a woman. It might be Dietrich, but whoever she is, he's telling her lots of info. Meanwhile, Martin uses his phone to try to call Thomas but there's no answer.

The camera guy starts watching Fuchs room again but doesn't catch Martin.

Martin is at the dock taking pictures of the goings on -- specifically the transfer of weapons to the boat.

Winkelman shows up at the dock to talk to Lenora. He threatens to go public unless she gives him money by the end of the week. Martin is taking pictures of everything.

He takes the film out of the camera but before he can get away, Gary Banks pulls a gun on him. He wants to know where Rose is and wants to prevent the transfer of the weapons to the ANC. Rose shoots him dead from behind and takes off.

Martin is able to ge away before he's caught. Lenora is frantically looking for Rose, but she's gone.

Thomas plays the message from Martin. He wants Thomas to take the film he took and get it to the press.

At the orphanage, parents come in to choose a couple of kids and they stop at Tina's and take a serious looksee. They're both terrified.

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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Children, today is not only a new day, for some of you, it will be the beginning of a new life. Your parents abandoned you for a life in the West. But just because they chose to pursue lives driven by individual ambition and greed doesn't mean you must also reject our ideals.

Orphanage Lady

Martin: I'll come back. I promise.
Brigitte: If you don't, I'll kill you.