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Tina is in an East German prison - as expected. She's wide awake and there's noise all over the place and it doesn't seem like a very pleasant place. She's summoned out of her room to someone's office. The guy ignores her which is more torturous than being locked in a cell. She asks him about her daughters but he ignores her.

He conducts an interview and they skew the facts regarding her daughters claiming she snatched the girls from their home. He's laying a serious guilt trip on her.

She confesses and he demands she gives up everyone on both sides involved with the plan.

Thomas is with Tobias talking about Tina's situation. Thomas believes Martin did it out of revenge for his affair with Annett. And Thomas reveals that he doesn't know if he's Max's father.

Tobias calls Annett to question her about Thomas and Tina.

Martin is with Brigitte pledging his allegiance to the BND so he can get to Max.

Hartmann has a radiation detector and finds radiation all over the place and is freaked out. He tells Walter but Walter changes the subject.

Martin and Brigitte show up at the BND offices. And who does she get introduced to first? Edel's old secretary - Mrs. Netz.

They have him look at a bunch of pictures to identify members of the East German intelligence. He knows Walter is his father.

The committee is meeting about the drug testing scandal and Walter gets to talk about Operation Love Boat until Lenora interrupts and  starts talking about South Africa.

Netz wants Martin to bring Lenora to the BND alive when she travels into West Berlin on a day pass.

Hartmann is still obsessed about the radiation. Fuchs isn't fazed.

Tina is called out of her cell again. This time to a dentist's chair. A form of torture?

Lenora and Rose arrive at someone's house. Brigitte and Martin are following. They're at a house of one of Rose's friends in West Berlin.

Martin breaks into the house. Rose asks the women for help getting her daughter to West Berlin.

Martin finds Lenora in the basement and is about to drug her when the maid comes in with three guys.

Martin hides in the closet and almost gets busted. Rose gets her 100 grand for the cause from the women.

Everyone leaves from the basement and the maid locks the closet door.

Tina is being interrogated again by the same guy. She looks worse for wear and like they removed one of her teeth.

Tobias visits Alex at the hospice and he gives Tobias a tour.

Alex tells him he's meeting with the pharmaceutical company to try to get AZT trials done at the hospice.

Rose meets with Tandi's father to tell him how to get Tandi out of South Africa.

Alex gets kicked out of the pharmaceutical company for breaking into Amend's office. Tobias is there when he comes out.

Tina learns the language of East German prisons and talks to her husband through the toilet telephone.

Her daughters are in an East German orphanage.

Martin and Brigitte are talking about the failed abduction of Lenora. They have a second chance because Lenora is meeting with Brigitte's husband.

Hartmann is confronted about his conspiracy theory. People from Dresden have come to tell him it's an American propaganda trick.

A woman comes running into the room and tells them there's been a meltdown in Chernobyl.

Amend meets Annett. Apparently they are having an affair.

It seems that Netz is Brigitte's boss.

Tobias meets with Annett in a restaurant. He gives Annett an offer to exchange Martin for 13 people in East Germany. She crosses all the Fischer's off.







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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I believe that the Communist ideal is entirely compromised, and is currently being operated with malicious contempt. What I wonder is.. how am I supposed to coax Lenora in here? Offer her free dental work?


Mrs. Netz; All these Communists care about these days is money. If the Wall ever falls, God forbid, these people will come and eat the hair off our heads. Thank God I won't be around to see it.