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Lenora is watching a news program about goings on in South Africa in 1986 when Rose walks in telling her the situation with the arms deal. 

They leave the apartment in separate elevators -- black and white. Lenora is and 80s style icon. Rose is in a maid's uniform.

They go to a pier to meet DeGraaf from the South African National Army to give him an update about the arms. Rose is in the car but is listening via a microphone.

 They're speaking English now. He gives her 73 hours to get his arms or he's going with the Americans.

Lenora goes to a bar (in a totally new outfit) to meet someone. She gets right down to business and asks him who he's reporting to. He tells her Annett Schneider (Martin's baby momma). She's surprised.

She tells him she needs help with the arms deal and he suggests she contact Martin.

News reel footage showing what's happening in apartheid South Africa.

Back at the HVA HQ in East Germany, there is a meeting about the dire straights East Germany finds itself in. Annett is there. They discuss a top secret plan to make money. Annett fears it's capitalistic, but Dietrich assures her it's only for survival.

Schweppenstette is waiting outside the room and talks to Fuchs after the meeting is over. He wants to be on this special commission but after the events of 1983, he was demoted. Fuchs allows him in but under the supervision of Annett.

Schweppenstette gets a call from Lenora. She wants to know where Martin is. He plays coy but she tells him if he gives her the information, she'll help him get back into the game.

She arrives at an East German orphanage to talk to Martin, still stylin'.

She finds him playing piano in an empty room. He's got a beard. She chases after him and has to take off her heels to do so.

He has no interest in talking to her.

When they get to his apartment she sees a pic of his son, Max, on the wall. She uses that to bring his defenses down, but he figures out she never met his son and is lying.

A couple of little boys come in and convince Lenora to join them for a German version of the game Risk. Lenora has to defend North America. Lenora gets impatient with the game and eventually asks Martin to come to Cape Town with her. They leave the room to talk.

He'll only go if he can go to where Max is after the mission is done. She lies, telling him she already talked to Fuchs about it and arrangements have been made.

The little boy (Roberto) is disappointed when Martin leaves. There is a bit of regret as Martin gets into the car with Lenora.

Annett arrives at Ingrid's apartment to pick up Max. He's sleeping and Annett agrees to let him stay over because she has an important meeting to attend.

A clean shaven Martin and Lenora arrive in Cape Town. Rose picks them up. When they get past the border gate, Lenora introduces him to Rose Seithathi who is a secret operative in Nelson Mandela's ANC army. They are fighting apartheid in South Africa and are an ally of East Germany.

Back at their house, Martin learns he's going to be the salesman for a made up West German weapons manufacturer to sell illegal arms to the South African Army.

Martin can't understand why they're doing it and Lenora tells her what's going on in East Germany -- how much they are in debt to West Germany, the lack of food and medical supplies. They need money.

Walter is at a border restaurant in East Germany with Annett and a pharmaceuticals guy. He wants to do a human trial on his new drug. The guy's name is Mr. Amend.

After yelling at a bunch of guys who are being too rowdy, he tells Annett and Walter that his company is testing a new drug for AIDS. The guy is a jagoff and tells them he'll pay a bunch of money for an eight week trial in East Germany.

Martin comes up dressed all preppy. He's going to meet the Winkelmann's at a tennis club. Frank Winkelmann is West Germany's Trade Commissioner. They need his signature to get the weapons for DeGraaf out of customs.

Rose gives him a pair of sunglasses because she thinks he needs a better disguise. They look good on him.

Rose gives him a quick history lesson on what's happening and how the players all fit in the game. Martin questions who the good guys are. Neither Lenora or Rose have an answer.

Lenora and Martin arrive at the club. They literally bump into the Winkelmann's who hen invite them for lemonade where Martin talks up his weapons and Winkelmann gives his opinion on South Africa.

Frank and Lenora leave the table to meet someone leaving Martin alone with Brigitt. She lets down her hair. She tells him about a book she's reading that sounds awfully close to his life story. She gives him a book and he sees that it's by his old friend, Thomas, Annett's lover and the guy who was running books for Ingrid on Deutschland 83.

She's flirting with him bad and asks him to help her put a necklace on. Lenora meanwhile tries to get Frank to sign the customs papers but he tells her to call his office then goes back to the table. There's discussion on who's going to pay the bill and Frank decides to do it signing the credit card receipt. The Winkelmann's leave but not before Brigette gives Lenora and Martin her card.

Martin is able to get the receipt by bumping into the waiter and causing a scene and he and Lenora leave.

Annett and Walter are at a hospital in East Germany talking with a doctor named Tina who happens to be Thomas' sister.

Another doctor comes out and gives them documents allowing the hospital to participate in international research. Walter wants to take charge and Annett isn't happy about it. They begin experimenting with the drug on human patients.

At home, Annett is putting Max to bed. She goes to the living room and takes a copy of Thomas' book out of her bag.

Back at the dock in Cape Town, Martin and Lenora arrive to meet DeGraaf. They hand over the forged customs documents and Martin gives an explanation about the weapons. He's speaking English!!

The guy tells them they're planning to blow something up in Angola. Martin is concerned but shows him how to use the weapon anyway. Lenora is concerned he's going to shoot the weapon but he doesn't. Instead he beats the crap out of the guys with it.

They run, leaving the weapon behind, but are accosted by another armed guy. He wants to see what's in the truck. Somehow they all arrive back in the apartment in one piece. Lenora is pissed off about what he did, but he defends his actions saying that if they blew up the refinery by the orphanage all those kids would die.

Lenora doesn't want to hear it.and goes off about her trying to save East Germany. He tells her she's using socialism as an excuse to kill.

Martin makes a suggestion that they try to sell the weapons to Angola, the very side that the DeGraaf team wanted to blow up. Martin thinks it's the "right" side.

Lenora doesn't trust him. He doesn't trust her, either.

Schweppenstette gets to his apartment and makes himself dinner and turns on The Love Boat. For a guy so intent on defending East Germany, he certainly is in love with the West.











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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

East Germany is expensive. And that's not because we're greedy. It's because equality is expensive. Our ideals are expensive and it's up to government organizations such as ours to support these ideals efficiently.


And one more thing. I hate to say it, but...I need a man.