Back in Action
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There's another newscast about an assassination.

Lenora and Rose are still in Cape Town. Lenora tells some guy that they're going to find another buyer for the weapons.

Martin and Lenora go into a bar to find out how to get into Angola. There are a lot of people discouraging them from going there.

They meet a guy named Banks who the bartender told him could help him. They offer him a share if they get them into the country.

Lenora sends Martin away so she can deal with Banks herself. She apparently offers him sex to take them to Angola and Martin waits outside as they do the deed.

As it turns out, Banks wants a 2-carat diamond and Lenora hatches a plan for him to get Brigitte Winkelmann's diamond necklace.

Walter is watching the news on TV when Annett comes in with work for him to do. He's critical of Gorbachev starting to make friends with Reagan. He's starting to realize East Germany has no hope.

Annett goes to a store and finds a long line. She's worried they have no more meat left, but a woman comes out and says the pantyhose won't be delivered for two more hours. There are a lot of disappointed people.

When one guy is upset, Annett pulls him aside and tells him he has everything he needs. Even the citizens are starting to lose hope.

Alex Edel is at a club, dancing when some guy checks him out and then is confronted by his friends. It turns out that he's Alex's boyfriend and is in the army. He meets up with Alex in another room and Alex is upset at his behavior.

The guy kisses Alex, but Alex is angry and pushes him away.

We meet up with Thomas in Cape Town. He and his friends are planning something.

Martin shows up at Brigitte's place. Someone is watching him from the bushes.

When she answers the door she's pretty flirty. She opened her office especially for him. He has to get a new filling and he's freaked about it.

Brigitte finds his filling suspicious, and he lies about where he had it done. 

Thomas and friends are planning something at Frank Winkelmann's office. They're planning to take pictures. The group gets into Winkelmann's building.

Finally, Brigitte makes the big come on. She wants to show Martin the house and undresses as she does it. She leaves a trail of her clothes for him to pick up as she heads to the bedroom. It's cute.

She shows up in a see-through robe in the bedroom with the necklace around her neck. He's quite pleased.

Thomas and friends get accosted by a fan while Brigitte and Martin get it on.

She's on top of him, the necklace dangling in his face. He doesn't seem to be much into the sex.

He hears a noise and she thinks it's the maid, but it's really Frank.

He goes upstairs and Brigitte greets him in her gown while Martin hides under the bed.

Frank leaves after she tells him where to find his folder and as his car goes through the gate, a man dressed all in black sneaks in.

Winkelmann shows up at this office and the guy named Tobias (is that the old Tobias) is taking pictures.

The other people in their group get their signs on the balcony: No More Apartheid.

Lenora gets home to find Rose preparing dinner. She tells Rose that she's going to be trained in Berlin, but Rose isn't sure. She doesn't want to be away from her daughter.

Lenora gives her the spiel and then they kiss.

Martin and Brigitte are getting it on again. When they're done, he's alone in the room and takes the necklace from its box.

As he puts it in his pocket (he's full of regret again) and she asks him to bring her a towel, the guy who came in from the gate earlier attacks him, choking him with a wire.

Martin can't seem to get the upper hand and almost passes out, but the guy wakes him up. He wants to know where the weapons are.

Brigitte saves the day with one of her tall giraffe sculptures and when the guy turns around and sees her weapon he's about to shoot her but she kicks his ass and kills him.

Martin doesn't know what to think.

They roll the guy up in an area rug.

Rose is talking to her daughter on the phone when Lenora walks in. She's saying goodbye to her daughter. Rose is nervous about going to Berlin, but she's going anyway.

Tina sees her brother on television protesting and tied in chains to a tree.

Alex goes to an AIDS hospice. He sees Tobias on television at the protest.

Brigitte is getting ready to go out with Frank when she discovers her necklace is gone.

Martin, Banks and Lenora are headed to Angola. They stop by the side of the road to buy some water.

Dietrich is giving a presentation on things they can sell, including artwork -- to a wealthy NY collector, no less.Then they try to come up with a cheap way to boost morale in their organization but everyone draws a blank.

Annett suggests a fireworks display but it's shot down. Hartmann suggests a camp out where everyone can look at the stars and not feel so alone.

Walter recruits Hartmann to help him with the pharma project.

Hartmann tells him about what happened in the meeting and how they're going to get a cruise ship for the workers.

Banks gets them into Angola and a rebel camp. Banks pulled a fast one especially since DeGraff is at the camp as well.

He tells Banks and the other soldiers the plan to blow up the refinery, the very thing Martin was trying to avoid.

The rebels are at the orphanage and a soldier pulls Roberto and brings him to Banks and DeGraaf.

Apparently the plan is to use Martin and Lenora to pretend to make a deal with Columba and then leave them there to die in the explosion.

Alex is back at the club when Tim shows up.














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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Walter: Those fireside chats with Reagan clouded Gorbachev's mind.
Annett: Or the CIA spiked his vodka.

Don't worry about her. She only bites blacks.