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Dexter sets his sights on new prey this week and has the killer all ready to be chopped up on his table...

... just when he gets a call from Lumen. She says she never left Miami and she even shot one of the men that raped her. Dexter is forced to pack up his unconscious victim and go help her dispose of the body. Except that there is no body when he arrives on the scene. Clearly fed up, Dexter has no choice but to assist.

He uses his blood splatter expertise to track the wounded man down, but they must hurry because the police have been notified and are on the way. Lumen says she only knew it was one of the men by the way he smelled in the bar when she picked him up. Dexter is obviously dubious of this as a basis for murder and pulls Lumen aside to yell at her about the proper way to do things.

But they then overhear the guy on his cell phone, telling someone that the last girl is still alive. He calls Lumen a "cunt" and Dexter snaps his neck. He then orders Lumen to go stay at he and Rita's old house, while he sets up the crime scene.

Dexter ends up putting his original victim - who tried to escape from the car, only for Dex to strangle him to death - next to the dude Lumen shot. When Masuka and Deb arrive, the former goes through a funny sexual scenario that puts all this together, causing the case to be closed.

We then conclude the episode with Dexter bonding a bit with Lumen in his old bathroom where Rita was murdered. He sees the pain she is in and agrees to help her track down and kill all the men that brutalized her.

Elsewhere, Batista brings in a woman from Club Maya who agrees to help set up the Fuentes brothers.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Lumen: Why do you have that in your purse?
Dexter: It's not a purse.

I can't get revenge for Rita's death, but I can help Lumen avenge what was done to her.