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Is there darkness inside Harrison? Dexter wondered about that again this week after his son scratched a fellow toddler in class.

Elsewhere, Dexter tried to convince Lumen that she ought to go back to Minnesota. But she was intent on finding the men that raped her, even breaking into Boyd's house to see what she could learn about them. Dexter did the same, coming across the name of a recently-released ex-con living under a bridge. But after he tracked this man down and even had him strapped to a killing table, Dexter realized he had an ankle monitor and was not involved in Lumen's beating.

He returned the man back to his home and then later stopped Lumen just before she shot him. Dexter did successfully convince her to get on a plane, but she panicked at being stripped search in the airport and the final scene of the episode was her grabbing a cab and remaining in Miami.

In other storyline news:

- Batista suspected Maria of having an affair, but she was only meeting with Internal Affairs to help them bust a supposedly dirty cop. This then tied in with Quinn because we saw him and the cop later bonding in a bar, as the former asked the latter to do research on Dexter for him.

- Deb, who admitted to Dex that Quinn was her "fuck buddy," found a major lead in the Santa Muerte killings: the brother who slit the guys throws in front of her a couple days earlier had a stamp on his hand of a club in the area.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Dexter: Harry's right. I have to convince Lumen to do what I never could: to move on.

I want to believe that smile, that watching your mother die hasn't changed you the way that watching mine changed me.

Dexter [on Harrison]