Lavinia and Sue - Dickinson Season 2 Episode 6
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The Dickinson go to the opera.

Edward, Mrs. Dickinson, Lavinia, and Ship have seats in the back, while Emily seats in the top box with Sam.

Emily confesses her feelings to Sam, but he says the letter she sent him and his wife Mary made them very uncomfortable.

Sam says his interest in Emily is strictly professional and leaves the opera early.

Edward and Mrs. Dickinson find the opera pretentious and sneak out early.

Lavinia is enthralled with the production, and Ship is put off by her insight.

After the opera, Austin goes to have drinks with an old college friend, leaving Sue to go back to the hotel by herself or with someone else, implying Sue may be having an affair.

Emily sneaks backstage and pretends to be a reporter for the Springfield Republican.

She talks with opera singer Adelaide May, who says she feels nothing when she performs.

Adelaide May then takes Emily to the stage where they talk about fame.

Emily then speaks with an imaginary Sue, who tells Emily she craves something more. They then kiss.

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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Austin: God, I miss the old gang. Maybe, I should organize a reunion. Those were the days, man. We used to have so much good times.
Sue: You still have good times, don’t you?

Sue: Sam, thank you so much for your help with the tickets. We’re thrilled to be up in that box.
Mrs. Dickinson: Wait a minute, where are we sitting?
Edward: Orchestra, back row.
Mrs. Dickinson: Why didn’t you get us a box?
Edward: Yes, first you stick me in a hole. Now you try to put me in a box.