Emisue - Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10
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Emily begs Sam for him to give her poems back, but he refuses.

Emily is heartbroken, but Maggie steals them back.

Sue later goes to see Emily to explain about her affair with Sam, but Emily doesn't want to hear it.

Sue says Emily's poems made her feel too much, so she pushed Emily onto Sam, and then slept with Sam when she didn't want to feel anything.

Emily counters that Sue doesn't feel anything, and Sue says Emily is right.

Sue only ever feels when she's with Emily and confesses her love.

Emily doesn't believe her, and the pair then kiss.

They make love throughout the Dickinson household, and Emily realizes that she only needs for Sue to read her poems, not the entire world.

The whole town attends the christening of Jane's baby, and Austin is the godfather.

The church later burns down due to the Newman girls playing with matches.

Austin tells the girls to keep quiet and welcomes everyone back to his household.

Austin comes to the conclusion that he and Sue will be leading different lives from now on.

Ship announces that he plans to move to New Orleans and assumes Lavinia will come with him.

Lavinia refuses, and they break up.

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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sue: You’re right.
Emily: Right about what?
Sue: The only time I feel things is when I’m with you.
Emily: She dealt her pretty words like Blades. How glittering they shone.
Sue: I pushed you toward him because I wanted to escape what I was feeling, and I slept with him ‘cause I didn’t wanna feel it. There is so much that I don’t want to feel, Emily. And the biggest thing that I don’t want to feel…
Emily: Is what? Hmm, is what? What is it, Sue? Just say it.
Sue: Is that I’m in love with you.
Emily: I don’t believe you.
Sue: It’s true.
Emily: It’s not true. Nothing you say to me is true. You’re not even Sue anymore. You’re a new person, a fake person. I don’t even recognize you, and everything you say to me is a lie.
Sue: Emily, I love.
Emily: Stop lying to me.
Sue: I love you, and I felt you in the library because you’re always with me. I can’t escape from you because the only true thing I will ever feel is my love for you.

Sue: Where is Emily?
Austin: At home I imagine. She doesn’t usually come to church.
Sue: You know I still haven’t seen her since her poem was published. It’s like she’s hiding from me.
Austin: Yes, well, I’d leave her alone if I were you.
Sue: But I have things I need to say to her.
Austin: I imagine she knows them already.