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Albert questions Billy to see how he reacts under pressure. He doesn't do well.

Sadie defends a judge who is being accused of raping his wife, who has Alzheimer's disease. Judge Porter is a friend of Isaiah's.

Albert and Sadie are at odds over submitting Billy's DNA.

Albert gives Tiffany the grunt work of going through boxes of evidence to learn the prosecution's case. She enlists the new guy's, Nick's help.

Sadie tells Jonah of a plea deal, but it would require him to stay away from his wife. He refuses.

The prosecutor on Cameron's case wants her client to testify against hit two friends involved in a shooting.

Judge Porter is not happy with Sadie as his lawyer, despite the fact that she is trying to help him.

Cameron and Albert are against their client, Daryl, testifying. The firm is against defending snitches.

Billy saves a kid's life in surgery and he just wants to tell Sadie. Sadie tells him she can't be that person for him.

Cameron talks to Daryl about snitching to avoid jail.

Sadie puts a woman on the stand who knows Gina Porter from her home and can see what makes her happy and what makes her upset. She says Judge Porter makes her happy.

Billy is put on a leave of absence when a parent doesn't want him operating on their daughter.

Sadie puts Judge Porter on the stand and he cries and gets emotional.

Daryl takes the deal. Cameron's going to continue representing him, even though Isaiah could fire her. Albert offers to go to court with her, but she says no.

Isaiah doesn't fire Cameron.

Billy tells Sadie and Albert that he slept with Amy's best friend, and that's why she broke up with him.

Isaiah asks Sadie's mom if she ever regrets not taking the deal. She says no. She's full of regrets, but not snitching is not one of them.

Nick finds a picture that shows Billy changed his shirt the night Amy was killed.

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Doubt Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

In my 37 years on the bench I have witnessed some tremendous opening statements. That was not one of them.

Judge Porter

Albert: I have an extra ticket to Hamilton tomorrow night, are you free?
Cameron: I feel like the Speaker of the House. Third in the line of succession. You broke up with Gemma, you and Sadie aren't talking, so I get to go to Hamilton?
Albert: My pain is your gain.