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Downton Abbey is ready and accepts the first convalescent patients.

Isobel is taking charge, much to Cora's dismay.

Miss O'Brien manipulates Cora into requesting Thomas be put in charge of the medical staff at the Abbey.

Thomas and Miss O'Brien continue to work together to put their own needs first.

Mr. Lang's shell shock rises to shocking levels.

Anna sees Mr. Bates in the village and their romantic hopes resume.

Mr. Carson's plan to humiliate the army as a conscientious objector come to a halt when he is turned away from service.

William visits the Abbey and Mrs. Patmore forces Daisy to accept his hand in marriage.

Mary learns of Lavinia's relationship with Mr. Carlisle, but chooses not to use it against her.

Branson finds another way to get back at the army, and the staff races against time to stop him.

Lady Edith struggles to find her place in the Abbey and in life, but is a natural with the patients. The General singles her out for praise during dinner.

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Mr. Carson: I'm sure the chain of command will be sorted out soon.
Miss O'Brien: Or there will be blood on the stairs.
Mr. Carson: Thank you Miss O'Brien.

What these men will need is rest and relaxation. Will that be achieved by mixing ranks and putting everyone on edge?