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The Crawley family is dealing with Edith’s departure. Violet is nervous that Cora will find out that her and Rosamund knew about Edith’s secret first.

Charles and Tony talk about the latter’s break-up with Mary.

Rosamund and Violet tell Cora about Marigold. The two tell Cora about their plan to send Marigold away. Cora decides that Edith must be found and that she can decide what she wants.

Atticus and his parents come to Downton Abbey for dinner. Rose reveals to Atticus that the family is experiencing some drama.

Daisy is upset with the way the Labor Party is performing and is losing interest in her studies. Mosely is distressed that she is not interested and comes up with a plan with Mrs. Patmore to get Mr. Mason to speak to Daisy.

Mr. Bates and Ann give Mrs. Baxter the cold shoulder when she apologizes to them. Mrs. Baxter reveals to the couple that she would swear to the police that she saw the train ticket.

Isobel announces at the dinner table that herself and Lord Merton are to be married.

Tom tells Robert about his desire to move to America.

Cora and Rosamund arrive at Edith’s new office and want to discuss Marigold and her leaving.

Mary talks to Violet about how she believes that she is jealous of Isobel’s change of rank. Violet reveals to Mary that she is used to having Isobel as a companion.

Cora explains to Edith her plan about adopting Edith. Edith and Cora almost get caught at the train station with Marigold when they arrive and see Mary on the platform.

Charles and Mary put off Tony by kissing when the two walk out of a show.

Daisy, Mr. Moseley and Mrs. Baxter go over to Mr. Butler’s and he speaks to Daisy about continuing her studies to offer her encouragement.

At dinner Lord Merton’s son insults the couples at the table about their relationship differences. After the dinner, Atticus asks Rose to marry him.

Isis dies of cancer. 

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Violet: But Isobel and I had a lot in common and I shall miss her.
Mary: Granny you are quite dewey eyed, I never think of you as sentimental.

My dear. A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.