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Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes discuss wedding planning. Mrs. Hughes confides in Mrs. Patmore about the fact that Mr. Carson is refusing to do things in the manner that Mrs. Hughes would like, instead preferring to do things the "posh" way. Mrs. Hughes shows Mrs. Patmore the dour dress that she is wearing for the wedding and Mrs. Patmore disapproves, suggesting a new dress from a catalogue instead.

Violet visits Downton in an attempt to convert Robert to her position in the hospital merger drama. Robert refuses to not speak to Cora about the merger. Edith reports that she is going off to London to discuss the magazine with her editor and leaves. Violet leaves purposefully without saying hello to Cora, against Robert's wishes.

Mrs. Patmore and Cora discuss the menu for dinner. Mrs. Patmore confides in Cora that Mrs. Hughes in unhappy with Carson's decisions about the reception.

Spratt works on his stamp collection. Denker mocks his hobby and Spratt insults her. An unseen stranger comes to the door, rattling Spratt and raising Denker's suspicions.

Mary reads a sad letter from Branson to Anna, in which he discusses missing Downton. Mary and Anna discuss Mrs. Hughes' dour wedding dress and Anna's new pregnancy. Mary plans to take a secret trip to the London doctor with Anna once she passes the third month of pregnancy. Anna refuses to tell Bates or get her own hopes up until the pregnancy is safe.

Barrow continues to look for a new job in the paper. Bates teases Barrow for having feelings.

After dinner, Cora asks Carson to bring in Mrs. Hughes so she can speak to her in front of Mary.

Daisy tells Mrs. Molesley about Cora helping out Mr. Mason. Molesley asks if they can resume studying for Daisy's tests now.

When Mrs. Hughes joins the family, Cora points out to Mrs. Hughes that she realizes she has been railroaded in the wedding planning. Mrs. Hughes tells the truth: that having the reception in the house is not what she wants. She explains that she wants a more casual reception that wouldn't be suitable in the Great House. Mary tries to argue that Carson deserves a wedding in the big house. Mrs. Hughes counters that the wedding is about the two of them, not the family. Carson finally agrees to the schoolhouse wedding, to Mrs. Hughes happiness and relief. After Carson and Mrs. Hughes leave, Mary tries to accuse Cora of doing this in order to not have a servants' wedding in the house.

Denker catches Spratt sneaking out of the house at night with a blanket. He claims he just needs a breath of air. Denker brings up Spratt being preoccupied to Violet. Violet brushes off Denker's questions and dismisses her.

Carson tells Robert that Barrow is applying to Dryden Park for a new job and that the problem of Barrow may resolve itself. Robert complains of indigestion. Mary apologizes to Carson for the way things went down in the drawing room. Carson assures her that if she attends the wedding, it is enough for him.

Barrow visits Dryden Park to interview for the job.

In London, Edith runs into Bertie Pelham, who she met at Lord Sinderby's house. He invites her out to a drink that evening. Edith agrees to a drink near her magazine's office.

Sir Michael Reresby shows Barrow around the house, explaining the history of the house and how his family was once a prominent family. Sir Michael's wife died years earlier, as did his two sons in the war. The house is in obvious disrepair and Sir Michael is nostalgic for the old days, and in denial, thinking those days will return again. He insists it is a prominent household and is suspicious that Barrow is a republican when Barrow questions the prominency of the house. Barrow turns down the position after hearing that there is essentially no staff at the house, and he leaves.

Edith argues with Mr. Skinner about the unfinished magazine copy. She finally dismisses and fires him. He storms out and Edith decides to finish laying the magazine out herself. She goes to tell Bertie in person that she can't have a drink with him as she'll be putting together the magazine proof all night. Bertie offers to go with her and help her. Edith happily accepts.

Molesley tutors Daisy. He mentions to Daisy that he overheard that the Drewes are vacating their farm. Daisy thinks that this was part of Cora's idea to help Mr. Mason and gets preemptively excited.

Over at Violet's house, Sergeant Willis arrives. He questions Denker and Spratt about Spratt's nephew, who escaped York Prison, is on the run, and was potentially spotted near the house. Both servants claim they have no information. After Sergeant Willis leaves, Denker reveals that she knows Spratt put up his nephew in the potting shed and allowed him to escape.

Edith and Bertie work through the night with the rest of her staff and put the magazine together in time successfully. She tells Bertie that she plans to get an interim editor and then figure it out from there. Edith confides that she wants to lead a life with purpose and Bertie tells her she inspires him. They part.

A package arrives for Mrs. Patmore. It is a catalogue dress that she ordered for Mrs. Hughes. The dress is terrible, no improvement from the one she had already. Mrs. Patmore frets about it.

Cora leaves early to go to York to see the hospital, while Robert is still sleeping. She runs into Daisy on the way out. Daisy thanks Cora for her help with Mr. Mason and the Drewes' farm. Cora starts to tell her nothing is settled but stops herself.

Anna confides in Mary about Mrs. Hughes' dress situation. Mary decides that they will give Mrs. Hughes one of Cora's evening coats, assuring Anna that Cora won't mind.

Mrs. Hughes and Carson discuss the wedding plans and decide not to see one another that night before the wedding.

Isobel, Cora, Lord Merton, Violet, and Dr. Clarkson meet to discuss the hospital merger. Violet is infuriated that Cora went behind their back and looked at the York hospital, and that she approves of the merger. Isobel accuses Dr. Clarkson of being against the merger because Clarkson will lose some of his power after the hospitals merge. He is clearly upset by the accusation and everyone is made uncomfortable by it.

Barrow complains to Baxter that everyone assumes he wants something more than friendship from Andy, but that he just wants them to be friends. Baxter encourages Thomas to tell Andy that. Barrow says it is too late anyway.

Edith returns home and shows her family the mock-up of the magazine. Robert compliments her. Cora also returns from York and goes upstairs before Mary can tell her that Mrs. Hughes is borrowing an evening coat.

Cora walks in on Anna, Mrs. Patmore, and Mrs. Hughes trying Cora's coats on Mrs. Hughes. Cora is upset and angrily dismisses the servants.

Later that night, Anna tells Mary about what happened with Cora. Mary confronts her mother and Cora agrees to apologize. She goes downstairs, gifting Mrs. Hughes with one of her coats to keep. 

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes marry the next morning, at church.

Isobel apologizes to Dr. Clarkson for her accusation, and Clarkson admits he is reconsidering his position against the merger, to Violet's horror.

Afterwards, at the reception, the family, the servants, and their friends gather in the schoolhouse. Denker tells Spratt she can keep secrets if she wants to, insinuating she'll keep his secret about his fugitive nephew. Bates teases Anna about her happy glow. Mr. Carson gives a speech honoring his new wife. Tom and Sybbie surprise everyone by showing up at the reception, with Tom announcing his intention to move back to Downton permanently.

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Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

A peer in favor of reform. It's like a turkey in favor of Christmas.


Dr. Clarkson: If something is that important, it's worth considering more than once.
Violet: Really? Well, in my experience, second thoughts are vastly overrated.