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Mary and Tom discuss Tom having given Yew Tree Farm to Mason.

Edith tells Robert that she's received a letter from Bertie, wanting to meet up when she is in London. Violet arrives and tells Robert that the Minister of Health is paying them a visit.

Mrs. Hughes asks Mrs. Patmore for cooking advice, since she hadn't cooked in years. Mrs. Patmore agrees to fix up a basket for her.

Robert tells Mary that Henry Talbot telephoned and asked her to accompany him in testing out a new racing car. Tom offers to go with her. Cora tells the family that Dr. Clarkson seems to be coming around on the hospital issue, and is coming along with Isobel and Lord Merton for lunch. Robert reports that Violet is inviting the Minister of Health over.

Mrs. Baxter tells Mr. Molesley that Sgt. Willis will come by to collect her for the trial. Molesley offers to go with her, and Mrs. Baxter agrees.

Thomas asks Andy if he'd like to go with the village with him. Andy declines awkwardly.

Isobel, Merton and Clarkson arrive and report that the Minister has agreed to come by for dinner. Cora makes them agree to come by for the dinner to support her against Violet.

Bates and Anna talk to Andy about why he is avoiding Barrow. Andy explains that since he first got there, he'd heard about Barrow's homosexuality and didn't want him to get the wrong idea.

Mrs. Hughes serves Carson the dinner she'd prepared with Mrs. Patmore's basket. He is overly critical, to her annoyance.

Denker tells Spratt about Violet's annoyance with Dr. Clarkson causing her to lose sleep. Denker works herself up about Clarkson's betrayal. Spratt warns her to steer clear, but Denker dismisses him.

Edith tells the family that she is heading off to London to interview women for the editor position. Mary teases her about her date with Bertie. Mary and Tom discuss going to see Mr. Mason about the farm. Mary is concerned about Mr. Mason's ability to perform manual labor.

Mrs. Hughes tells Mrs. Patmore and Daisy about Mr. Carson's dislike of her cooking. Sgt. Willis arrives and collects Mrs. Baxter and Molesley. Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Hughes and Daisy see her off and wish her well.

Tom and Mary discuss her possible romance with Henry Talbot. Mary explains that she doesn't want to "marry down." Tom explains his idea that it's not all about being equal in terms of money and status, likening it to his marriage with Sybil, which was a "marriage of equals." Mary agrees that the family sees that now, if they didn't see it then.

Denker runs into Dr. Clarkson on the street and nastily tells him off. Dr. Clarkson calls Denker impertinent.

Mrs. Patmore prepares to go to Mr. Mason's. She excitedly tells Mrs. Hughes that the work on her house is almost finished.

In York, Peter Coyle changes his plea before Mrs. Baxter needs to testify. Baxter explains to Mr. Molesley that she feels a bit disappointed. Molesley jokes about whether he should go and ask him to change his plea back. They head back to Downton.

Tom and Mary arrive at Yew Tree Farm. They explain the concern about the physicality of the job and suggest a farmhand. Andy jumps in, saying that he and Mr. Mason already talked about it and that he is eager to learn as much as he can about pig farming. Mrs. Patmore, Daisy and Mr. Mason are surprised to hear that.

Bertie and Edith take a walk and agree to meet up at Edith's flat later that night so she can show it to him and get his opinion before they go out.

Mary and Tom watch as Henry tests out his car by racing another. Mary is nervous watching it, commenting on the risk-tasking and saying she hates it. Tom and Mary go with Talbot out to eat.

Mr. Mason and Andy discuss Andy's training in pig farming.

Edith interviews the final editor candidate, Ms. Edmonds, who is also Edith's age. Edith is impressed with her.

Mrs. Patmore, Andy and Daisy have tea with Mr. Mason. Mr. Mason tries to convince Daisy to live there with him. Daisy says she'd have to think about it. Andy says he wouldn't hesitate to live there. Mr. Mason gives him pig-farming books. Mrs. Patmore waits on Mr. Mason, serving him tea, to Daisy's discomfort.

Cora and Robert babysit their grandkids while Edith, Mary and Tom are away. They discuss the issue with Violet and the hospital. Cora refuses to just allow Violet to get her way. Robert experiences stomach pains again, but tells Cora not to cancel.

Isobel and Violet discuss that night's dinner with the Minister. Violet reads a letter from Dr. Clarkson explaining Denker's "disgraceful" behavior. She summons Denker and fires her angrily, though Isobel attempts (in vain) to temper her rage.

Mary, Tom and Henry go to a pub and discuss Tom's interest in cars. Henry mentions that Evelyn Napier was talking about Mary the other day and that he likely is still holding a torch for her. Mary and Henry make plans to get together and Tom teases them about making plans to hang out in roundabout indirect ways.

Thomas notices Andy struggling with the pig farming books. Andy tries to play it off as if nothing is wrong.

Bertie compliments Edith on her London flat. She explains that she'd like to live there more, to build a life away from Downton and strike out in her own direction, outside of Mary's influence. As they prepare to head out, they kiss passionately and Bertie is relieved that Edith seems to reciprocate his feelings. They go out.

Daisy snaps at Mrs. Patmore when Mrs. Patmore claims that Mr. Mason is lonely. Mrs. Hughes chastens Daisy in private about getting angry when Mr. Mason is making new friends. Carson arrives to escort Mrs. Hughes home and asks Mrs. Patmore to assist in teaching Mrs. Hughes how to cook, to Mrs. Hughes' annoyance.

Denker attempts to convince Spratt to talk to Violet about reversing her decision to fire Denker. Spratt refuses.

Cora and Robert discuss the impending dinner with the Minister and Robert's poor health. Robert decides to get through dinner and then take a few days off.

Thomas overhears a commotion in Andy's room. He walks in and finds that Andy has thrown his books all over the room. At Thomas' pushing, Andy admits that he can't read, never picking it up in school. Thomas offers to teach him and tries to convince him that he can do it. Andy is concerned about what people will think and Thomas explains that they won't tell anyone. Andy apologizes for his cruelness with Thomas, who accepts the apology easily.

Spratt teases Denker about being fired. Denker threatens to tell the police about his concealment of his fugitive nephew if he doesn't reverse her firing.

Anna and Bates discuss Mary's possible romance with Henry Talbot and their own happiness. Both are concerned about jinxing it.

Spratt reports back to Denker that he told Violet that it was Denker's loyalty to Violet that caused her outburst, and reminded Violet how hard it would be to train a new maid. He informs her that the firing was reversed and tells Denker not to mention his nephew again. Denker refuses, saying that it depends on whether she'll need to mention him in the future.

Everyone mills around chatting, waiting for the Minister. Isobel and Dr. Clarkson discovering Denker's near-firing. Mary, Edith and Tom discuss Henry's car racing and Edith's date with Bertie.

At the dinner, Isobel and Violet bicker in front of the startled Minister. They are interrupted by Robert standing up and trying to leave, in horrendous pain. He suddenly begins coughing up buckets of blood, to everyone's shock and horror. Dr. Clarkson rushes to help him and announces that his appendix has burst. They call an ambulance.

Frazzled Carson heads downstairs to report to the horrified staff that Robert is to be rushed to the hospital.

Cora says goodbye to the Minister, clearly stating to him that the change will work well for the hospital. Cora is short with Violet, telling her that she doesn't have time to be indirect. Violet apologizes, and brings up the secret about Marigold, which Mary half overhears. Cora, Daisy and Mary go to the hospital with Robert. Violet goes home.

Tom stays behind with the minister and asks him how Violet convinced him to come to the dinner. The Minister explains that she threatened to reveal a secret from his past.

Carson gets a call from Cora and relates to the staff that Robert pulled through surgery and is remaining at the hospital with Cora. Everyone is relieved, including Thomas, who is shocked to care as much as he does.

Mary and Edith discuss taking turns going to the hospital to watch over their father. Tom and Mary discuss taking over management of the estate fully, to take the burden off Robert.

Mary distractedly undresses for bed with Anna's help. She asks Anna about whether the servants have had talk about Marigold. Anna nervously claims that the staff only thinks she is a lucky little girl. Mary implies that there might be more that Anna is not saying.

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Anna: Bad harvest, bad harvest.
Bates: What does that mean?
Anna: In the old days, when the crop was good, the farmers used to shout "Bad harvest!" so the gods wouldn't grow jealous of their luck and destroy them.
Bates (shouts): Bad harvest!
Anna: That ought to do it.

Robert: You'll be in a very junior seat.
Violet: Il faut reculer pour mieux sauter. (You have to step back to jump further.)