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Robert reports that Henry Talbot has invited them all to see his race. Tom mentions Henry told him that he's also invite Bertie Pelham, to Edith's delight.

The servants downstairs discuss Mrs. Patmore's new bed and breakfast, which is ready to open for business -- she just needs guest. Mrs. Hughes arrives and complains about Carson's pickiness over her cooking and housekeeping skills. Molesley arrives and tells Daisy that Mr. Dawes has set the date of her exam for the 20th.

Isobel and Violet discuss that Larry Gray and Miss Crookshank invited Isobel to their wedding and how suspicious it is. Violet offers to go to see Miss Crookshank and suss out what her motivations are. The two women discuss Cora taking over Violet's role in the hospital. Violet decides to go away for a while until she cools off. Isobel agrees that that's a good idea.

Downstairs at Downton, Andy offers to Daisy his help for Mr. Mason. Thomas promises Carson that he is looking for new employment, and Carson implicitly urges Thomas to get on with it because it isn't fair to Lord Grantham to dilly-dally.

The Crawleys discuss going to stay with Aunt Rosamund to see Henry's race. Edith agrees to go if Bertie is going and Mary teases Edith about Bertie.

Mrs. Hughes apologizes to Thomas about Carson being harsh with him about leaving Downton. She assures him that he'll find friends in a new house and new life. Thomas confides in her that Downton is the only place he's laid down roots.

Violet visits with Miss Crookshank at Lord Merton's estate. She realizes that the younger woman is trying to encourage Isobel so that Isobel can marry Lord Merton and take the old man off of Miss Crookshank's hands. She threatens Miss Crookshank.

Carson encourage the servants to take time off when the Crawley family is away to see the race. They discuss Mrs. Patmore's B&B opening for business. Carson again reminds Thomas of his need to look for a new job.

Denker tells Spratt that Violet is taking off for the south of France while the family is away. Spratt is distressed and Denker is gleeful at the prospect of going to France.

Robert and Cora discuss Mary and Henry. They cannot figure out whether he'd make her happy in the long run, with his lack of prospects.

Mary talks to Anna about her trepidation about going to Henry's race. She asks Anna for her opinion, and Anna confides that it's unclear whether Mary's and Henry's lives fit together. Mary is unnerved because she sees Anna's point.

Molesley and Baxter discuss his upcoming general knowledge teaching exam. Baxter confides that she still isn't sure whether she should go see Coyle.

Andy goes to see Mr. Mason. Mr. Mason asks Andy to help him keep the books up to date. Andy panics and makes an excuse about being busy, to Mason's disappointment.

Violet tells Isobel that she is heading off on the SS Paris. She gives Isobel a letter to give to Robert. She wrote Tom a letter letting him know how to get in touch with her, if necessary. Violet tells Isobel what she learned about Miss Crookshank. She wonders whether Isobel can abandon Lord Merton now, knowing how cruel his family is.

Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes visit her B&B and discuss the opening. Mrs. Patmore tells Mrs. Hughes she has an idea about how to solve the Mr. Carson problem.

Edith goes to see Laura, the editor, while in London. Laura suggests trying out an advice column for the paper. Edith agrees. She invites Laura along to the car racing. Laura agrees.

The Crawleys discuss changing times and the disintegration of big houses over dinner. Henry arrives to see Mary, thinking dinner would be finished. Henry thanks Tom for rounding the family up. Henry and Mary discuss his courtship of her and how he wants to sway all of her family in his favor.

Back at Downton, the servants wish Daisy luck on her exams. Mrs. Patmore and Andy decide to bring Daisy, Mr. Dawes and Mr. Molesley lunch the next day between Daisy's exams.

At the races, Tom helps Henry out with the car and Henry suggests that they'll need Tom on their team. Laura arrives and Edith introduces her around to everyone. The family talk about Laura's career as a woman editor and congratulate her.

The race starts and Henry thanks Mary for coming to the race, giving her a kiss before he heads off. Mary is clearly a nervous wreck. Most of the family is thrilled and excited watching the race, except for Mary.

Mr. Dawes, Daisy, Mr. Molesley, Andy, and Mrs. Patmore have lunch between the exams. Thomas joins them, having brought along the lemonade that Mrs. Patmore forgot. Andy is asked to read aloud one of Daisy's exam questions and can't. He confesses that he can't read, that Thomas has been attempting to help him, and that he is ashamed. Mr. Dawes offers to help teach him and brushes off Thomas' offer to continue assisting in Andy's lessons.

Mrs. Hughes convinces Mr. Carson to sit with her on the family's sitting room couch while everyone is away. They discuss dinner that night and Mrs. Hughes assures him she's gone over every detail. Thomas walks in on them and teases them about sitting on the couch. They angrily huff off and leave him alone.

During the race, Charlie Rogers crashes and dies in the crash. Mary runs off to see whether the person who crashed is Henry, and is followed by both Edith and Mary. Henry tries to save Charlie but is unable to, as the car is engulfed in flames.

After, Mary goes to talk to a distraught Henry, to try and comfort him. Henry tries to mention the topic of their relationship but Mary shuts him down. Mary and the family head off to have dinner with Aunt Rosamund. 

Mr. Dawes visits Downton to offer Molesley a position on his teaching staff and to tell him how impressed he is with Molesley's knowledge. Molesley is overcome with emotion and shock. Everyone congratulates him and they toast his success. Thomas sits apart and watches them all solemnly.

Mrs. Hughes tells Mr. Carson that she injured her hand and can't cook. She offers to talk Carson through everything.

In London, the family is all silent and sad over Charlie's death. Robert snaps at Rosamund. Edith and Bertie go off to sit and have a drink. Tom tells Mary that Henry is on the phone for her. She tries to put him off but Tom encourages her to talk to him. Henry asks Mary about the future of their relationship. She tries to put it off but at his pushing, she breaks up with him, citing that they are not meant to be together. After she hangs up, near tears, Tom tries to tell her that she did the wrong thing. He tells her that she'll be hurt again, because being hurt is part of being alive, but that Henry is the right man for her.

Carson struggles to put together dinner for Mrs. Hughes and himself, getting run ragged. Eventually he dozes off at the table. Mrs. Hughes wakes him to say that he can wash the dishes tomorrow.

Mrs. Patmore assures Daisy that Mr. Mason can have more friends without caring less about Daisy.

Bertie proposes to Edith. She is thrilled but asks if she can take Marigold with her. Bertie is confused but agrees. Edith tells Bertie she'll think about it but won't keep him waiting too long.

Mrs. Patmore takes care to serve breakfast to a couple -- her first guests in the B&B. A man with a camera and a notepad watches from near a tree and takes notes.

The Crawleys return to Downton where Isobel is waiting for them. She gives Robert the letter from Violet and tells them that she's taken off for France. Spratt arrives in the servants' hall with a gift to Robert on behalf of Violet -- it's a new puppy, that Robert names Tiaa.

Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes laugh over the lesson Mrs. Hughes taught Carson, at Mrs. Patmore's suggestion.

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Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Violet: You're a cruel little miss, aren't you? I'd feel sorry for Larry, if I didn't dislike him so much.
Miss Crookshank: I shall forget you said that, but you should go now. Much more, and we may feel awkward when we meet. Which we are bound to do.
Violet: I think not, Miss Crookshank. Not if I see you first.

Isobel: I suspect she's quite a tough nut.
Violet: And I'm quite a tough nutcracker.