On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12 Cristal and Blake hold a Casino Night fundraiser for Senator Daniels, which reveals a major secret from Blake's past.

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On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12 Cristal and Blake host Casino Night, but the fundraiser is thwarted by a secret from Blake's past. Steven and Sammy Jo make career moves after moving out from the mansion, while Fallon tries to make good with a client she upset.

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On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12, Cristal and Blake's marriage is tested when an explosive secret from Blake's past surfaces during a lavish Casino Night party.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Rick: I'm sorry. I'm not gunna compromise my integrity or my career for... for this.
Cristal: You're right. I shouldn't be asking you to kill the story. I should be asking your boss, Bob Channing. He's a friend of the family, and I could have him end your career just as fast as I started it.
Rick: It's not just your husband who's one of them. It's you too.

Does this girl have some kind of hypnotic yoni or something?