Come on, you don't need a job when you have a Carrington.


So suck it up, smile and drink some Dom.


Please don't fire me! This job is really important for my self-esteem.


Daddy, don't be so so old-fashioned. A couple more felonies and he could be President.


Blake: Well, your not gay are you?
Steven: Worse. I've decided to run for City Council.

But what's integrity when you can have this bracelet? It cost more than the home I grew up in.

Melissa Daniels

Monica: I'll admit she's as flawed as they come but making her pay for her father's mistakes? That just means you and Blake are cut from the same cloth.
Jeff: I am nothing like Blake Carrington.
Monica: No. If you go through with this, you might be worse.

Does this girl have some kind of hypnotic yoni or something?


Rick: I'm sorry. I'm not gunna compromise my integrity or my career for... for this.
Cristal: You're right. I shouldn't be asking you to kill the story. I should be asking your boss, Bob Channing. He's a friend of the family, and I could have him end your career just as fast as I started it.
Rick: It's not just your husband who's one of them. It's you too.

They might have stolen my hair, but they can never steal my hustle.


Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse. Did you really have to tie us together? She smells like she took a whore's bath in patchouli.


Do you kidnap many children on your day off?


Dynasty Quotes

Everyday, I take one mans dirt and turn it into diamonds. And digging up insider info is even easier when they assume I work for the airline, instead of owning the plane.


Like it or not, we live in an age of dynasties. Who else can you trust to run the family business?