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The town is getting ready for their annual Halloween party called Eastwick Witch’s Field.  The premise of the party is to light a bunch of coffins on fire to symbolize the burning of bad energy. This scene is clearly setting the stage for something to happen.

Roxie’s vision of the funeral hits her again as she is giving a tour to a bunch of sightseers. Bun coincidently sees the same thing - making it known to Roxie that she is not the only one with the power to see the future.  Darryl arrives at the same moment and scares the bejesus out of Bun – for no apparent reason at all.

Roxie goes back to Darryl’s house and saves him from having the sculpture fall and kill him.  Darryl believes this to be the bad handiwork of Chad – so he fires him. Obviously upset with Roxie for not standing up for him, Chad leaves without another word.

Later that day, Roxie and Kat go to visit Joanna at her apartment. She is sitting alone and having a pity party over her lost job and love Will.  Kat persuades Joanna to try and work it out with Will – why? Perhaps to make herself feel better about the totally wrong kiss from the night before.

Joanna goes to work to find Will and apologize. He forgives her, but finds out that he is mad crushing on Kat! Joanna confronts Kat and Kat blurts out that she kissed Will. Totally hurt and upset, Joanna leaves to go back to her apartment and sulk.

Doing just that contently, Joanna realizes that she might have another special power – telekinesis – the ability to move objects with your mind. The doorbell rings and Joanna answers it – unaware that it is the pastor! He kidnaps her and takes her to his secret hideout.

Kat feels that something bad might be happening to Joanna so she enlists the help of Penny to look for her. Penny clearly dislikes Kat; so Kat decides to go on without her and find Roxie to help.

Roxie is with Bun who is able to see a vision of fire. They realize that Joanna must be at the bonfire. When they get to the event they see the Pastor standing in front of the bonfire. He tells them it is too late – Joanna is in one of the coffins about to go up in flames. No one is helping them and just when you think Joanna’s time is up; Kat starts to cry which brings in huge rain clouds that diminish the fire. Whew!

Roxie is so pleased with herself for being able to change the future – that Joanna didn’t die in the bonfire. Bun tells Roxie that she has no idea what she is talking about. That you can’t change what is predetermined to happen.

Just as Bun is saying this to Roxie, Chad walks up to the giant statue of Darryl and starts beating the living daylights out of it. As he is walking away, the statue falls on top of him – killing him.


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Eastwick Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Kat: There is a code, Will. Chicks before sticks.
Will: I thought it was Bros before hoes?

(to Darryl) It's like you've stepped out of a 70's porno and into my life.