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Joan searches for the scarf her Mom gave her to wear to their lunch tomorrow. Sherlock threw it out.

A girl runs a stop sign, hitting a white panel van. She looks in the back of the van. Someone hits her from behind, killing her.

Sherlock questions why they wanted him and Joan to investigate what appears to be a standard case of road rage. Bell tells him to look at the body.

She is decomposing much faster than normal and is flash burned. 

The ME tells them it was the refrigerant coolant R22 that caused the deterioration. 

Joan meets with her Mom for lunch. She tells Joan that her brother, Oren, is having an affair and wants her to talk to him.

Joan meets Sherlock at an ice rink to talk to a potential witness. Sherlock quickly surmises the theft was a charade and the manager sold the tanks himself. He gives them the address of man with the white paneled van.

They find what appears to be a replacement van to the one the girl hit. Sherlock breaks into the building and finds a room with a row of bodies covered in plastic. 

Sherlock, Joan and Bell meet with the CEO of CRYO-NYC. The bodies belonged to them and were to be stored in cryo-stats tanks but they had run out of room.

They had a break-in and a body was stolen, along with the van.

The missing body, Jim Sullivan, was a murder victim. They surmise the killer is worried that evidence may have been preserved. 

They visit the witness who supposedly saw the killer. He says the portrait of the suspect was spot on.

Joan talks to her brother who denies having an affair.

Sherlock says Vance Ford was lying. His statement is almost verbatim in all his interviews.

Sherlock suggests that Joan's mom may have transposed Oren's face on a memory as it appears she is becoming a bit forgetful.

Bell calls. Vance Ford was strangled.

Vance Ford's death is eerily similar to Sullivan's, although Sherlock mentions there still could be two different murderers since no size 11 footprints were left behind at Ford's murder.

There is an attack at CRYO-NYC. A man, tampering with the tank that held Sullivan, attacked an engineer. The witness description matches the one that Vance gave.

Joan meets with her Mom who gets upset when Joan asks about her forgetfulness and leaves.

Joan and Sherlock attend Ford's autopsy. Sherlock notes the bruises on his feet. 

The bruises on Ford's feet came from squeezing into shoes too small whenever he met with the police. He was hiding his size 11 feet.

Jim Sullivan was Vance Ford's estranged cousin and a bone marrow match, but wouldn't help Ford.

Ford stole his body to harvest his marrow. But the two CRYO-NYC engineers killed the girl after she saw Sullivan's body and were afraid that Ford might confess, so they killed him.

Sherlock gets Joan's Mom to meet with a neurologist after he convinces her that she had forgotten Joan's birthday last month, when she had not. 


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Elementary Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Maybe because Wyatt Earp got back into his time machine and disappeared.


Watson: I thought a spoonful of sugar might help.
Holmes: I always found a crowbar works better.