I needed an outlet. I needed to work.

Sherlock [to Joan]

Joan: What if [Marcus] says no?
Sherlock: As long as we're together, what does it matter?

I'm staying. Of course, I'm staying.

Sherlock [to Joan]

Joan: Moriarty has known you're alive for months.
Sherlock: Ah, bullocks.

You've been a ghost for the last three years. I'm asking you to be one for the rest of your life.

McNally [to Sherlock]

My boss, your partner, we'll see each other again.

Ellory [to Joan]

It's handled. Thank you.

Joan [to Sherlock]

I'm doing this for you. Not for him.

Marcus [to Joan]

Joan: The book was a tribute to you.
Sherlock: It was revenge. You knew I would hate having so much known about me.
Joan: All right. It was revenge.

I got your message. Who's trying to kill you? And how can I help?

Sherlock [to Joan]

If Sherlock was still here, I think he'd be pleased with the outcome.


Gregson [to Odin]: You and I agree on one thing: When you know you're looking at a killer, you've got to stop him.

Elementary Quotes

Well, lack of imagination is an occupational hazard for an apex predator.


By all means, distract me while I'm holding 240 volts in my hand!