I needed an outlet. I needed to work.

Sherlock [to Joan]

Joan: What if [Marcus] says no?
Sherlock: As long as we're together, what does it matter?

I'm staying. Of course, I'm staying.

Sherlock [to Joan]

Joan: Moriarty has known you're alive for months.
Sherlock: Ah, bullocks.

You've been a ghost for the last three years. I'm asking you to be one for the rest of your life.

McNally [to Sherlock]

My boss, your partner, we'll see each other again.

Ellory [to Joan]

It's handled. Thank you.

Joan [to Sherlock]

I'm doing this for you. Not for him.

Marcus [to Joan]

Joan: The book was a tribute to you.
Sherlock: It was revenge. You knew I would hate having so much known about me.
Joan: All right. It was revenge.

I got your message. Who's trying to kill you? And how can I help?

Sherlock [to Joan]

If Sherlock was still here, I think he'd be pleased with the outcome.


Gregson [to Odin]: You and I agree on one thing: When you know you're looking at a killer, you've got to stop him.

Elementary Quotes

Holmes: Why do you suppose you hate your job so much?
Watson: I don't hate my job.
Holmes: You have two alarm clocks. No one with two alarm clocks loves their job. Two alarm clocks mean it's a chore for you to get up in the morning.

Watson: How do you do it, guess things?
Sherlock: I observe and then I deduce.
Watson: How did you know I was a doctor, you said you could tell from my hands.
Sherlock: Hand, singular. It was soft no calluses.
Watson: How did you know my father had an affair?
Sherlock: Google. Not everything is deducible.