Someone got buried here, Fred. And you just cut them into pieces.

Foreman [to Fred]

You have someone staying at your place ... on purpose?

Marcus [to Sherlock]

Joan: I'm not expecting you to co-parent.
Sherlock: You said that about Clyde.
Joan: I'm not talking about a tortoise here.

Kelsey: If things work out between us, I want you to be able to say the biological mom wasn't a slut.
Joan: I promise.

I think what we want and what we need are often mutually exclusive.

Sherlock [to Kelsey]

[Michael's] playing some kind of game with you, and I don't know why you're engaging with him.

Joan [to Sherlock]

MIchael [to Sherlock[: I thought she'd never leave.

This case has my undivided attention now.

Sherlock [to Michael]

Joan: You've been busy.
Sherlock: Decorating, not producing.

We had nothing. Now we've got seven times as much nothing.

Gregson [to Joan]

Normally I would say the game's afoot. But this time I think it's a-finger.

Sherlock [to Marcus]

I missed all the signs.

Gregson [to Joan]

Elementary Quotes

MIchael [to Sherlock[: I thought she'd never leave.

Joan: You went a little fanboy in there.
Sherlock: Fanboy?

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