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The Stanley Cup is in Joan's bathtub. Sherlock bought it online and is conducting tests to figure out if it's real or fake.

Two boys approach a man who they think is lost. He's been stabbed. They call 911.

Marcus is on a date. She gets a call and has to go to work. He immediately gets a call afterwards.

Joan and Sherlock arrive at the subway murder scene. The victim, Dennis Vaughn, is a judge. The detective working the case is the woman Bell is dating. 

Sherlock examines the fingerprints and surmises the killer was a woman. The prints come back belonging to Nikki Moreno, a criminal Judge Vaughn sentenced who has recently escaped from prison.

They visit the prison. In her cell, they find a book of Robert Frost poetry from someone named Jeff. Joan asks Bell about Detective Scott. He admits they are dating.

Joan figures out who Jeff is. He's an attorney who gives regular seminars at the prison. She ask Sherlock about Detective Scott. He says he knows her secret - that she is IA. Joan is shocked. She meant about her dating Bell.

A woman gets strange texts. She texts back. The phone is next to a dead man, Deputy Warden McCann. 

Bell and Joan speak with Jeff Harper.  He admits to flirting with Nikki but never crossed the line. He was working on getting Nikki a shortened sentence. Joan tells Bell about Detective Scott.

Bell and Scott meet for lunch. He asks if she is IAB and she admits she is. They break up.

Joan tells Sherlock about Nikki being upset that she had to work in the recycling center. Sherlock, Joan and Bell go back to the prison, look through the hazardous bins and find Nikki's body. She never escaped but was murdered.

Fingerprints on the murder weapon match McCann. He was working when Judge Vaughn was murdered. He was likely responsible for getting Nikki's fingerprints on the murder weapon. 

Sherlock and Bell go to McCann's former employer, Correctional Administration Group, to see if he was close to any inmates. Sherlock apologizes to Bell. He doesn't want Bell to start isolating himself the way Joan has started to do.

They can't find a link between any prisoners and Judge Vaughn. Gregson is getting a lot of pressure and Sherlock wonders if that was the point. It's not about Vaughn but politics.

The Governor is under a lot of pressure to sever ties with Reform Enterprises. Sherlock asks what prisons have submitted bids to replace them.

Mr. Franklin from Correctional Administration Group President hired McCann to kill Nikki while he killed Vaughn and then McCann to cover loose ends. 

Bell talks to Detective Scott. He apologizes and wants to try again. She is going to IAB fulltime. Tells him to ask again after the dust settles.



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Elementary Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Sherlock: I have what some might call a strong personality.
Bell: Nah.

We had to put her in the Shoe. Oh, that's solitary.
Joan. We get Netflix.

Deputy Warden McCann