The man who kidnapped and tortured Kitty is in New York. Joan starts her new job at Leda, but joins the case to help Kitty. Watch Elementary Season 3 Episode 11 to see if Sherlock and Joan can catch him before he kills again.

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Kitty arrives home to find Sherlock and Joan waiting for her. Sherlock informs her that her kidnapper and rapist is in New York, which he believes is intentional. Kitty refuses to hide and says she is ready to hunt him down. Sherlock reminds Kitty that making it personal is a mistake but doesn't force her to hide. Sherlock determines the latest victim recently joined an online dating service, and he and Captain Gregson interview the man who was supposed to meet with the victim the night she disappeared. Meanwhile Joan visits the bar where the victim, Melanie, was last seen. The bartender remembers she couldn't hold her liquor, even though she only had one drink. Joan suspects she was drugged, not drunk. The bartender gives her the phone they found in her both. It belonged to a violent ex-con, Simon de Merville. The police raid his place and discover he was running a brothel. His partner is dead in the garage and he is on the run from both the police and the Albanian mob. Why did Kitty's kidnapper decide to make his presence known now? How will Sherlock track him? Watch Elementary Season 3 Episode 11 online via TV Fanatic to find out the answers.

Episode Details

On Elementary Season 3 Episode 11, Watson begins her new job as an insurance investigator but a threat to Kitty brings her and Holmes back together.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (28 Votes)
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Elementary Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Sherlock: Perhaps we should go to a meeting.
Kitty: Yours or mine?
Sherlock: Yours.

Sherlock: My name is Sherlock and I have allowed empathetic thoughts to clutter my mind and reduce my perception.
Watson: So you called in the bees to crowd out caring.
Sherlock: To no avail.