Eli Stone Season 2

" The Humanitarian"

Eli and Jordan faces issues with clients in this episode of Eli Stone. Read on for more details.

"Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

Here's a brief summary of the latest Eli Stone episode. In it, the firm faces the loss of many clients.


What goes down this week on Eli Stone? We have the answers, thanks to this brief summary of the episode titled "Unwritten."


On this episode of Eli Stone, we're introduced to Grace. She's played by Katie Holmes.

"The Path"

This is a recap of Eli Stone's second season premiere. The episode is titled "The Path."

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Eli Stone Season 2 Quotes

Eli: Posner & Klein can kiss my hundred-grand-a-week retainer ass!
Jordan: Whoa!
Eli: That's how we do things downtown! Sorry.
Jordan: Quite all right. If I were more prone to outbursts of emotions, I'd probably be doing a little jig.
Eli: That I would pay real money to see.

Eli: As you pointed out, sir, some of our people are in contact with their people, so some cross-pollination is bound to occur.
Taylor: I'm not pollinating anything with Matt.
Eli: I didn't say you were. I was just trying to imply that you are pillow-talking our business plan with him.
Taylor: I am not the leak, Eli, and to prove it, I'm gonna found out who it is. Happy?
Eli: Ecstatic
Jordan: Your management skills are as deft as ever.