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On the second season premiere of Eli Stone, the main character has been free from his visions for the past six months after having an operation to remove his brain aneurysm.

However, Nate experiences visions of his own, as he suffers a similar fate as Eli that go along with the gift. Also, Taylor searches for her father.

Eli Stone
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Eli Stone Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Eli: Come on, you're Nate, rock star chick magnet, mm? Probably be the first guy in history to successfully operate on his own brain aneurysm.
Nathan: If I botch it, can I sue myself?
Eli: Oh, I'll take care of that.

You had the aneurysm removed. You were quite clear that you wanted your life to return to what you consider normal. But you're meant for so much more, Eli. You're one of those people for whom "normal" is a failure of potential.

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