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The episode kicks off with Helen approaching a man who sent his family on a trip. 

She asks him if he's still dedicated to the mission, and he confirms that he is. However, she reaveals that she cannot risk it and kills him with her rod and removes his chip. 

Jo and Brooks ask Abby for a favor -- they want her to do an autopsy on the AI that got hit by a car. 

Jo wants to see the mechanics behind it. 

When she arrives home, everyone is anxious to see if she found Piper. 

She informs them that she did, but Piper couldn't come home. She tells Mia that Piper told her she's not afraid and Mia and her grandfather informed Jo that Piper sent them back a message. 

They realize it's in binary code, but they'll need a professional to crack it. 

Brooks brings Emily to the morgue and she agrees to look into it. 

She reveals that it is an invitation to talk in Piper's personal void and informs Jo that she may need to do brain surgery to get her connected. 

Brooks come in at the very last second with the headgear to avoid Emily from poking and prodding. 

Jo meets up with Piper who is happy she got her message. 

She informs her that she's pretending to want to help Helen but in reality, she wants to help Benny and teach him how to be like her. 

Jo doesn't think that's a good idea and when she tries to erase Piper's memories of the last few days, Piper kicks her out. 

Helen tells Piper she wants her gifts. She forces Piper to sneak into a government facility and open a room for her. 

Once Piper sees Helen kill the man who was being nice to them, she freaks out. 

Helen threatens Piper and she responds by throwing a bunch of metal objects at her with her mind. 

She runs out of there and pulls the fire alarm with her mind. 

She informs Benny they have to go and Helen will meet them at the house. 

Once they arrive at their hideout, Piper tells Benny what she did and encourages him to fight his instincts and be better. 

He refuses and slaps on a bracelet to contain her powers. 

At the same time, Chris narrows down the power surge and Jo arrives at the scene at the same time Benny locks Piper in the trunk. 

She rescues her but Benny comes up behind her with a gun pointed at her head. 

Jo and Piper try to talk him down and despite knowing he should kill Jo, he cannot. 

Jo brings Piper home and reunites the family. 

Alex informs her that his friend offered him a job in DC and he thinks it's time he moves on. 

Brooks takes Emily back to prison when the car stalls. 

They both realize it's Helen and her goons. He uncuffs Emily who attempts to get the car working again while Brooks gears up. 

As a car approaches, Brooks tells Emily to make a run for it. 

He's shot down by her men. Emily is approached by Helen who has a use for her. 

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I’m not telling them that the reason Piper didn’t come home with me is ‘cause she didn’t want to. I thought that that might be hard for them to hear.


Jo: She didn’t want to go
Brooks: She sent you a message. She wanted to be found. What changed her mind?
Jo: I think they changed it for her.
Brooks: Let’s see if we can find a way to change it back.