On Emergence Season 1 Episode 12, Benny is in custody and reveals Helen's masterplan. Jo and Brooks team up to take her down. Will they succeed?

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On Emergence Season 1 Episode 12, Helen tries to replicate Piper's abilities so she can move on to phase two of her plan. Jo tries to keep Piper safe and pulls information from Benny before teaming up with Brooks for the ultimate showdown against Helen.

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On Emergence Season 1 Episode 12, Jo makes a high-stakes deal to take down Helen and keep Piper safe while Helen tries to replicate Piper’s powers for herself.

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Helen: I want what Piper has.
Emily: Well, I can talk to Chief Evans and see if she wants to adopt you. No promises.

Benny: I'm not that person anymore.
Jo: You're not a person at all.
Benny: I'm as much as Piper is.