On Emergence Season 1 Episode 13, Piper is determined to help Jo and Brooks who have found themselves trapped on Plum Island with powerful AI Helen.

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On Emergence Season 1 Episode 13, Jo and Brooks are struggling to defeat powerful AI Helen. Piper knows that the only person who can help is Benny and gathers the troops for one epic showdown. Were they able to kill Helen?

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On Emergence Season 1 Episode 13, Jo and Brooks are in danger, and Piper’s determined to help and recruits an unexpected team of allies to find them.

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Jo: You were in my house, Benny We took care of you when you were hurt. How did I not know? I never even suspected that you were lying.
Benny: I wasn't. Not entirely.
Jo: How can you even say that to me?
Benny: Because I couldn't kill you, Jo. When I had the chance, I couldn't do it. I have the weapon in my pocket. I'm going to take it out. I could give this to you, but I would be condemning you to death, but I'd rather not do that.

Jo: Rumor is they were trying to weaponize anthrax. Still sounds safer than out here, though.
Alex: Does it? Does it sound safer?
Jo: Get in.

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