Meet the Parents - Emily in Paris
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Emily gets close to Camile and learns that she wants Savoir to take on her family business. 

At the family chateu, Emily gets close to Camille's brother. 

She later has sex with him. 

The next morning, she learns that he is seventeen and not the brother Camille wanted to set her up with. 

His mother asks Emily if he's a good lover. 

Emily says yes. 

Things take a turn when Gabriel wants to get close to Emily again, but there appears to be a fracture forming between them. 

Emily in Paris
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Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

It’s one thing to cheat on your wife with your mistress. It’s another thing to cheat on your mistress with a young America.


Emily: You’re nice and French, and you speak English?
Camille: Of course. I grew up watching American TV.