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Cookie goes to Lucious's home and asks him to let Jamal join Hakeem as the musical act at his new club opening. Lucious declines.

Hakeem and his friends notice a new singer at the studio, but she is unwilling to give Hakeem the time of day.

At home, Andre and Rhonda are discussing ways to sabotage Hakeem's debut. While talking, Rhonda asks Andre to reschedule his doctors appointment and continue taking his medication, as his bi-polar disorder is life-threatening.

Becky Googles some of Lucious's medication and confronts him about his ALS diagnosis. 

A shooting, in which the gunman claimed to be influenced by Empire artist Kid Fo Fo, forces Lucious to do damage control. He asks Fo Fo to play with Hakeem at the club opening. 

When Bunkie's body is discovered, the family gathers and Lucious vows to find the killer. 

Hakeem and his buddies are drinking at the bar. And while being videotaped, Hakeem pees on the rug and declares President Obama a sellout. The video goes viral and Lucious goes on television to defend his company from the added media attention. 

After firing Fo Fo for his repeated disrespect towards Cookie, Lucious tells Hakeem to perform alone. Instead, Hakeem asks Jamal to join him and the two perform together. 

On the way out of the club, Cookie is stopped by an agent who tells her she will have to testify in front of a grand jury. 

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Empire Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Stop it. I know you're sick. Is that why you're doing this crazy IPO thing? Is that why you're pitting your sons against one another for your company?

Becky [to Lucious]

Listen to me, for most people cancelling a doctor's appointment is just lazy. But for someone who's bipolar, it's life-threatening. And your life is mine.

Rhonda [to Andre]