Cookie: Excuse me, Beethoven? You hear us over here... working?
Lucious: I figured if y'all wanted to hear from me, you would rattle my cage.

All service employers have been vetted, even the freaking bathroom attendants. I'm telling you... this place is locked tight... like a virgin.


Thirsty: You ready for me, Cooks?
Cookie: Right on time.
Thirsty: Oh, it's a family affair.

It is time for us to differentiate and distinguish ourselves, so that people know who WE are.


[Throwing ring out into traffic] Throw your men out into the street for that, bitch!


Cookie: I'm just here to return a gift your family gave to my family.
Diana: Knowing your penchant for street justice, these gentlemen are prepared to haul you off to jail or throw you in traffic. How big a scene are you looking to make?

Diana: So, the next thing you need to do is schedule my photoshoot for the captain's fall promo.
Cookie: You need to schedule two appointments, one for each of your faces.

When a family is in crisis, they come together.


Cookie: Uh, what's going on?
Calvin: Look, Cookie, those signs weren't supposed to get out today, but all the sound engineers and studio musicians agree. The long hours, the short turnaround times, working weekends and holidays, it's got to stop.
Cookie: I understand, Calvin, I really do, but I need you to bear with me. Just until we get through this 20 for 20.

Listen to me, I need you to know that this is real. That I love you.


Thirsty: I wouldn't do that if I was you.
Hakeem: What are you doing here?
Thirsty: Stopping you from doing something stupid.

Lawyer: You had sex with the son of the man you were married to.
Anika: It's not what it sounds like.
Cookie: Sounds like you a hoe.

Empire Quotes

I don't trust that fake-ass Clair Huxtable!

Cookie [on Diana]

Well you can't have Hakeem, bitch.