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Eric's other client, Charlie Williams, is about to get his own television show, but only if Eric can get Seth Green to sign on for the client.  Seth agrees, but only if Eric has his ex-girlfriend, Sloan, call him up and ask him to do it.  Eric goes to visit Sloan and tells her about the Seth issue.. but doesn't ask her to do the call.  Outside the meeting, Seth arrives and tells him he's only there because Sloan called him.  Before the meeting can even begin, Seth tells Charlie he'll only do the show if he drops Eric.  Right at the TV exec is walking out, Charlie lays Seth out!  Woohoo!

Meanwhile, Vince is still struggling on the set of Smoke Jumpers as Verner continues to take away Vince's lines.  Verner even does a privaste screening with Vince and picks at his acting habits.

Ari sets up a meeting with Babs to reconsider bringing on Andrew.  Ari and Lloyd give Andrew a makeover and at the meeting, Barabara makes it an interview and Andrew has a panic attack.  Barbara sticks with her no.  Ari, still desperate to get Andrew on board, crashes a women-only luncheon honoring Barbara as one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.  Aftering humiliating Barabara she agrees to bring Andrew on board but the risk is all his and she wants an apology.   Ari gives one in typical Ari fashion.

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Entourage Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Ari: We have a meeting with Andrew, and we have three hours to make him look like an agent from this side of the hill!
Lloyd: Extreme makeover, Lloyd-Gold edition! I'm so excited!

Drama: There's the director.
Turtle: Should I just gun it and run him over?
Drama: Or should we take the slow and painful approach and piss in his OJ?