Well the boys have to make a major decision...should Vince risk his career for a cool 3 million and do a Benjie movie?  Decisions like this can only be made one way... in nature... with a bag of shrooms.  Ari, with the Mrs. and the children out of town, decides to try and feel young and tag along.  The gang heads over to actor Eric Roberts' house to pick up the shrooms.  Roberts decides to tag along... he loves seeing a man in transition.

The gang head out to Joshua Tree to enjoy the treats in Robert's Winnebago and run into porn stars Shay Jordan, Katie Morgan, and Cassie Young on the way.  They're invited to Vegas and get to see some boobies... but it's on to Joshua Tree, they have a mission!  Ari, clearly nervous about taking shrooms, tries to talk the boys into a golf trip instead.  He phones Lloyd and makes him dogsit his dog, who has to move gay game night over to Ari's (without telling Ari of course).

They arrive and Ari succumbs to peer pressure and the tripping begins.  Ari desperately tries to make a phone call to his wife and talks her into staying the night.  Eric loses his ability to speak, Drama nearly pulls off his penis while peeing, Turtle is looking for his missing dog, Arnold, and Vince is looking for a sign if he should take the role.  As it gets dark, Ari gets lost and ends up creepily running into Arnold and is chased by him back to the guys.  The gang heads back.

On the journey back, Ari gets a phone call at 2 am from his wife and claims to still be at home.. err out for a jog... he couldn't sleep.  Well, how could you with a big gay orgy going on?  Meanwhile, the Winnebago hits traffic from an accident that involves a fire on the side of the road... is this Vince's sign?  He doesn't want to do Benji.

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Entourage Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

It is a G-rated family film. If it's somehow Babe, we're great. And if it's Garfield and it blows up like Berry Bonds' Skull, we're finished.


Turtle: Is this Benji the dog we're talking about?
Ari: No, no, it's Benji Franklin who goes to Artic, you idiot