The guys all meet up at a diner, when Drama runs into a producer that fired him from the old Melrose.  However, when the guy thinks Drama would be perfect for a role in the new 2009 reboot of the show, Drama wants in and out of his miserable Five Towns contract.  He calls his agent, Lloyd, only to find out Lloyd has left Ari.  When Drama calls Ari, Ari is shocked and pissed to find out Lloyd left him for Davies.  He offers to help Drama and heads to Cokley's office to get Drama out of his contract.

Lloyd, meanwhile, begins his first day at Davies' office and jumps right into work getting the new Melrose Place people on the phone and trying to get Coakley's people on the phone.  However, Ari calls Lloyd informing him he's dead and begins his war.  He goes to Coakley's and gets Drama off the show and makes Coakley agree to never take Lloyd's calls ever again.  Drama tells Lloyd he's sticking with Ari as his agent and heads home, only to find Lloyd there waiting for him.  Lloyd gives him a speech about how he believes in Drama's talent, does Ari?  Drama heads into Ari's office and demand he let him go if he's not keeping him for his talent... Ari tells him good luck with Lloyd.

E, meanwhile, goes to visit Ashley after the night of drinking with the boys.  In order to make things work, Ashley asks E to be able to look at his emails.  Crazy pants thinks that E is having an affair with his receptionist.  After discussing things with Vince and his receptionist, Brittany, E goes to break up with Ashley over some dinner.  She, of course, goes crazy.  E and the boys meet up with Brittany and her hot friends for drinks.  Goooo E!

Turtle, meanwhile, is feeling guilty about thinking about the sorority girls from last week.  Jealous Jamie Lynn insists of driving Turtle to school where she sees the other girls and instantly gets jealous.  Turtle thinks he's in some sort of love triangle and isn't happy.  (Un)lucky for him he might just get out of it when Jamie calls him at the end of the episode saying she got a gig... in New Zealand.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Lloyd: I'm sorry you feel that way, Ari
Ari: You're sorry, Lloyd? you have no idea how sorry you'll be. I'm going to destroy you. I am going to erode every fiber of your spirit. You know longer exist. You are dead with me and the town will know. Anyone meeting with you, speaking to you, or even nodding to you on the street will be dead as well. So die, Lloyd. Die, die, die! And when you're gagging on Davies' balls, I want you to bite down so he dies too!

Ari: Honey, I need at least a blow job
Mrs. Gold: Blow yourself