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Vince meets Sasha Grey at a bar and instantly hits it off with the porn star.  He begins dating the surprisingly down-to-Earth girl and even takes her to an Air Walker meeting that includes Stan Lee.  It's obvious Lee recognizes Grey, but pretends not to.  The studio ends up being nervous going with Vinnie afraid his porn star girlfriend is the start of a downward spiral.

Inspired by hearing Grey is a backdoor specialist and the guys ragging on him, E tries to get Sloan to try anal sex with him again and the two have a disastrous attempt.

E finds out from his client, Bob Saget, that he wants to work with Stamos and is taking the job from Drama.  Drama shows up with a baseball bat at Bob's door.

Turtle convinces Vince to be the face of his tequila brand, going against E's wishes.

Ari attempts to keep his clients from defecting to Lizzie with cameos by Jessica Simpson, Mike Tyson, and Aaron Sorkin.

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Entourage Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Turtle: We made out all night.
Scott: Where? At the freshman dance?

Are you kidding me? Vagina in my third favorite hole.


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