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Turtle learns that Avion is working with a bigger distributor and doesn’t need him anymore this week, while Alex is seeing someone else. Ouch! He and Vince decide to sell their shares and Turtle plans to open a west coast version of his favorite restaurant.

Elsewhere: Because of the pressure Dice was putting on Drama to walk off Johnny’s Bananas, Eric calls Phil Yagoda to ask for more money for Drama and Dice. Phil refuses, so Dice quits the project and Phil replaces him with Jamie Kennedy, a Dice impersonator.

Ari goes on a date with a manicurist but realizes she’s not for him, and ends up sleeping with his old flame, Dana Gordon.

Sleazy producer Carl Ertz tells Vince he can get the movie of the week for Drama to star in sold to a network. But then he goes behind Vince’s back and makes promises for Vince to appear in projects that he never agreed upon. When Vince and Turtle go to see Ertz, they find him high on cocaine and frantically apologizing. Then, Ertz kills himself while they’re still in his house.


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Entourage Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Ari: You're the good kind of addict. You're the I-got-messed-up-with-the-wrong-girl-and-ended-up-on-a-blow-bender addict. But Ertz is the Skeevy-old-man-who-got-caught with-a-crack-pipe-and-the-17-year-old-from-Speed-Racer addict.
Vince: Michael Vick drowned puppies and they let him play again.
Ari: Ertz doesn't have Vick's arm strength.

Vince: I was just telling my buddy over here how the program got me to let go of all of my anger towards you.
Carl: Well that's good.
Turtle: Yeah, I'm not in the program, so I still think you're a douche.