Cassie Fumes - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 6
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Cassie thinks she's pregnant, but chickens out of telling her friends. She lies that she wants to know what their thoughts are on telling McKay the truth about Daniel. 

After telling McKay about the pregnancy, she turns to her mother to tell her the truth. McKay decides that he wants nothing to do with it. 

Rue struggles to piece together the clues about what's happening with Jules and Nate, so she goes to extreme measures with Lexi. 

The pair find out the truth, and worry about what to do with the knowledge. Rue turns to Fez and asks him to use a gun to threaten Nate. 

He does so, prompting Nate to call the police to tell them about the drugs in the house, and these drugs came from Moose. 

Jules runs off to her previous home to spend time with her friends. In doing so, she gets close to a woman named Anna. 

However, in the end she has an epiphany that she loves Rue, but Rue has just admitted that she needs to go back on medication to save her life. 

Her mother struggles to accept it. 

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Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Listen, man, I’m sayin’ you keep f—king with Rue and her friends, I’m gonna kill you.


What I really meant to say is my mom can do better and I hate seeing you sit in the chair my dad sat in.