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Oliver's body is found in the basement of IRL. 

Lindy barges into the Sarge house and demands answers about her sister. She's told that seven girls were kidnapped, but only six were recovered. One of the survivors was Catherine's niece, Mary, and she knew Sara. Unfortunatelu, Mary believed that Sara OD'd as a means of escape. 

Tessa continues to act abnormally reckless so Sophia does some snooping and then confronts her friend. Turns out that Tessa DOES have a death wish. She's got a brain tumor and that's why she's been courting danger with the Flirtual Killer. She wants him to put her out of her misery. 

The Flirtual Killer attempts to kill Catherine shortly after Lindy left her house. The Sarge survives, but barely. Tommy invites Lindy to the hospital and asks for her help tracking down the killer,  but she refuses after learning of their betrayal.

Lindy learns about a Jane Doe who died of an overdose during the time period Mary mentioned and is buried on Hart Island, where unclaimed bodies go. Lindy and Jake track down the deceased's file, but the photo is missing. Jake suggest they just sneak on the island and dig her up themselves, rather than petition for an exhumation which could take months. En route their car breaks down so they stay at a bed and breakfast. Despite Jake having some seriously bruised ribs, thanks to a collision with a bike messenger, he and Lindy make love. She wakes up the next morning feeling extra groggy, but happy.

Tommy figures out that Hamish is behind the Babylon darknet and convinces Connor to help him break into the Reconnoiter server to see if he might be the killer too. Hamish gets wise to their plans and makes a deal with Tommy. He'll give him an easy way to permanently shut down Babylon and give him a clue to the killer, but in return he gets off scot-free. Tommy agrees and the clue points to Jake.

While Sophia is in the shower, the Flirtual killer shows up to off her but is discovered by Tessa who begs him to take her life instead. He heeds her wishes. 

Yeager asks a newly conscious Sarge who the killer is. She writes down Jake, just as Lindy gets on a boat for a desolate island with her lover/stalker. 

Eye Candy
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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

The killer put a body in the basement of my club.


I snoop because I love you.