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We pick up right where we left off last week. The killer has Reece, but where? Lindy and Tommy head to his place where they find a classy couple of mannequins enjoying fine wine before a staticky TV. And over their heads is an artful tooth mobile. Yuck.

Sergeant Walker, Tommy and Lindy discover the teeth belong to Julia Becker, a young woman who'd been reported missing. Becker’s mom went to Lindy for help when she felt the police weren’t doing enough. And they weren’t. But maybe that’s because the filed report is missing from their database. Hmm. Is our killer a hacker or a cop? Good news is, since those weren’t Reece’s teeth, he could still be alive.

Cut to Connor’s workplace, Reconnoiter, where the owner gives him a hard time for his fluff pieces. A cowed Connor promises to deliver on something better and that means the serial killer story, of course.

Tommy and Lindy go to break the news of Becker’s death to her mom and she confirms that she DID file a police report weeks ago. So where is it?

That cheeky Sophia has a quick flirtation with the on-duty detective assigned to be their tail. And then we see Lindy getting undressed for a shower and the killer is watching her from a window next door. During his creepy voiceover he wonders who Lindy really is, if she is “the one.”

Mail call! A plain white envelope marked Surprise unveils a collaged photo of Lindy and her sister. It’s the same photo she has as her screensaver, albeit with a few alterations. The faces are the same, but the clothing and hair have all been taken from four other crime scene photos. A couple clicks by Lindy reveal that the vics were on Flirtual, which means their blind date was with a serial killer. One last detail on the murderer’s art project—in the original photo Lindy’s sister was wearing a bracelet, one she later lost, but in the modge-podged pic the killer had removed the bracelet. No one besides Lindy, and maybe her estranged father, knows that story.

Connor goes public with his serial killer article and Lindy is pissed. She shows up at Connor’s self-defense class and throws down! His boss, Hamish Stone, happens to be there and he refuses to take the story off the website. He also happens to know a freaky lot about Lindy.

After George and Lindy put their heads together she gets the sense that the killer wanted her to see something on Reece’s TV so the duo break into his place and check out the DVR. The titles all spell out My Perficio.

Lindy fills the police in on her theory. The killer is attacking people for the lies they perpetrate about themselves. He’s creating his idea of perfection.

After a particularly fruitful day getting into the killer’s head, Lindy goes home for a quiet evening with Sophia only to find a surprise birthday party waiting for her. Jake shows up, Tommy has to leave after some evidence is found and Lindy starts to feel wonky. The guard dog detective is distracted when someone starts a fire in the bathroom so no one notices when a drugged Lindy passes out in the arms of a black clad stranger that showed up out of nowhere and carries her off.

She wakes up in a warehouse where she witness a shadowy figure slit Reece’s throat. If that wasn’t present enough for her on her birthday, there’s also a wrapped gift…her sister’s bracelet.

Clearly, this killer has some connection to her sister’s disappearance. But how and why?

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