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The Shambala Facial isn't all that soothing and not as good for the skin as one would imagine. The killer really hates women who are imperfect.

The killer says the Lindy doesn't lie and neither does the camera. He thinks she's perfect. She'll forget about her boyfriend soon. He promises. He also wishes he could touch her. Lindy is dancing up a storm, and sees one of the dates she met last week, the car guy. He gives her a pill, via a kiss. She spits it out on the dance floor and crushes it with her heel. 

Sophia and Connor are worried about Lindy. Sophia knows Lindy's trying to find Ben's killer. Outside, Tommy is lurking with another detective who says she has no idea what just happened and she's going to screw the whole thing up and get herself killed. He calls her. The last girl Reece met on Flirtual was found dead with her face melted off. She decides not to go with Reece, and he's disappointed because he's headed out of town this weekend. Tommy comes over. He says Lindy got in the way of their arrest of Reece. Tommy got regret from Ben's mom at the funeral. Lindy got blame.

Sophia calls out Lindy on kind of stalking the guys she dated on Flirtual. She doesn't think romancing a murderer is a good idea.

Lindy heads to a coffee shop the next morning and the detective who was in the car with Tommy strikes up a conversation with her. They're across the street from Jake's apartment. Her name is Catherine Shaw. She's the head of Cyber Crimes. It's all the rage. She doesn't want to stop Lindy, she wants Lindy to help them. She knows the police failed to find her sister, but she promises to help her by giving her resources to allow her to find her sister by herself.

Lindy is in the support group. It's hard to tell if she's really there, or if it's virtual and she's hacking someone again. It's kind of annoying.

Jake and Lindy are set for a date, but he surprises her at the apartment. He's going to cook for her. As he waves the knife around, it's apparent it's too easy for him to be the bad guy. Sophia and Connor come home early and he wants to cook for all of them. The three of them all converge in the bathroom to talk serial killer. Lindy is pretty sure Reece's the killer. Connor comes in and adds some much needed comic relief.

The dinner goes really well and Jake gets them all to open up about their friendship, how they met and potential past life friendships. Jake seems to win everyone over. When Lindy sees him off, Tommy slips up. Reece has an alibi. 

Lindy heads to the office and calls in George. They do something illegal to see traffic cams. She wants to get a look at what's going on near the massage place.

Tommy gets to the office. Lindy is in with Shaw. She thinks Reece's alibi is a fake. She's going to help the police. Reece's car is like a giant computer. The idea is for Tommy to get all the data while Lindy goes with Reece for sushi.

Lindy sits at Bens desk where he has her number written down. She remembers when she gave it to him. Finding the killer is very personal.

With Tommy set up to follow, Reece picks up Lindy. But Reece goes off schedule. Lindy likes surprises, right? Oh no. Did he manipulate the bridge so Tommy couldn't follow? 

Reece takes her to a junkyard. His family owns it. He spent his childhood running through the piles of metal and he likes to see the scars. He doesn't trust anyone who doesn't doesn't like beer. It's a lonely graveyard, but cars are like people. People had their first kiss, holidays and people died in them. Cars are our friends. Then they get too old and damaged. He's kind of sweet in an odd way. 

Tommy goes to his car to try to get the data and Reece still talks about the cars, the big fancy ones he sells that make people feel so special, when he knows they'll all end up the same, at the junk yard. Then he goes all wonky and wants to touch her and gets insulted when she doesn't reciprocate. Then he admits he had a few beers ad apologizes for his behavior. He gives her the keys and she heads to the car. Someone smashes Tommy over the head and when Lindy gets there she's locked in side and one of her dummies is at the wheel. The car is hacked. Tommy is in the trunk. They start to drive the car backwards and she is going to hack the car with her phone. Of course, she does it. 

They're back at the station and Sophia and Connor are brought in because their photos are the dummy. Sophia said to go to the police, but not to work with them. For some reason, Connor is taking photos of the crime board. Seems a bit odd. Can we trust him? When he tells Tommy it's a shame he must spend a lot of nights there alone, I get a little worried.

Lindy gets a video of Reece. Being murdered. Tommy gets the same video. Reece is screaming "What do you want?!"

Eye Candy
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Who just shows up with groceries? That is definitely weird.


I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say romancing a murderer is not a good idea.