On Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 6 Lindy is over her head when a hospital hacker turns machines into murderers. Watch online to see if she'll accept help from her worst enemy.

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When you watch Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 6 you'll see Lindy and Tommy play a disgruntled couple as they try to solve an off-the-books case involving one of his ex-girlfriends and a hospital hacker who might wipe out all of ICU if Lindy doesn't accept some unwanted help.

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On Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 6, Lindy and Tommy do an "off the book" investigation in a hospital where the machines are murdering patients and an unexpected, not to mention unwanted, ally could help Lindy save the day.

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Eye Candy
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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dr. Wells: Is she good? Better than you?
Tommy: Some of the time.

Tommy: Where's Lindy?
George: Lindy? I don't know.... Whoooo dat? Whooo dat?