On Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 7 Lindy puts herself up for bait on an unrelated case to the Flirtual Killer. Or so she thinks. Discover just how wrong she was when you watch online.

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When you watch Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 7 Online you'll see Lindy get lip-locked with Jake AND Tommy, put herself up as bait and get in way over head and learn that the Flirtual Killer does not like to share. Plus you'll think twice about any place you stay in outside of home.

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On Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 7, Lindy decides to use herself as bait in order to catch a sadistic voyeur, but gets more than she can handle.

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Eye Candy
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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

People sweat a liter of water into their mattress every night. That's practically a water bed.


Tessa: Let me guess, you're here for Lindy.
George: Eh, that's negotiable.
Tessa: I'm Tessa.
George: I'm, uh, impressa.