Face Off Season 7

"One Knight Only"

Face Off Season 7 Episode 15 crowned this season's winner. It did so via a knight challenge that left just one contestant standing in the end.

"Creature Carnage"

On Face Off Season 7 Episode 14, the four semifinalists take on the task of creating giant city-crushing monsters. One of them would be sent home.

"Beautiful Disaster"

On Face Off Season 7 Episode 12, the final five artists are given a tough task: they must create beautiful elemental fairies born from disastrous scenarios.

"Off with Their Heads"

On Face Off Season 7 Episode 11, the contestants were asked to look to the heavens for inspiration: theywere tasked with creating both a Greek God AND the severed head of a beast they've slain.

"Teacher's Pets"

The artists remaining on Face Off are tasked with taking high school stereotypes on this episode. They are asked to turn them into fun mythical creatures.

"Scared Silly"

Prepare to be scared, Face Off Fanatics. On this episode of the Syfy hit, the contestant turn their worst childhood fears into scary clowns who will perform a routine at the circus.

Face Off
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