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- After the plane crash, Tom saves Pope's life and they escape the explosion. Pope confesses over a fire that he once accidentally killed a man in front of his son and went to prison. This bonding moment was ruined when Pope wakes Tom up with a snake. The two men fight and even pull knives on each other, but are interrupted by Skitters. Tom pushes Pope and himself into the river to escape. Tom broke his ankle. He convinces Pope to leave without him. Tom wakes up to find Skitters on him. Pope shoots the alien. Pope and Tom make it back to Charleston in a truck that Pope found and then walk the rest of the way.


- Weaver puts together a small search party to go look for Anne and Alexis after Marina refuses a larger force to go searching. They find a dead woman, but its not Anne. Matt gets upset that the woman died all alone and wonders if his mother died that way. Ben and Weaver reassure Matt, while possessed-Hal stands by emotionless. Maggie questions Hal's behavior but doesn't get any answer.


- Marina asks Dr. Kadar to look into what the Volm are building based on some pictures she has. She initially lies and says that Tom sent her to ask him, but later comes clean. Kadar finds that whatever the device is that it has a power source much greater than would be necessary. Kadar also tests the other newborn babies in Charleston to see if they are also hybrids like Alexis. The tests show that Alexis is the only one.



Falling Skies
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Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

By the way, I had a family too once. I understand what we are fighting for ... completely.

Marina Perlata

That's not how it works. You're going to get off your ass and we are going to move.