Thank you for showing me how to be a human being. For showing me how to love. Goodbye, Daddy.


Weaver: The fight isn't over until it's over.
Matt: The fight isn't over until it's over.
Weaver and Matt: The fight isn't over until it's over.

Every weapon has a weakness. I just found your Kryptonite.


I don't care how powerful they say you are. If you hurt my dad, I'll find a way to make you pay.


This is war. We can't think with our hearts. We gotta think with our heads.


We choose to go to the moon.


Tom: I don't really know what "the rest" means, then I realized I don't really care. Whether it's a long time or a short time, I just want to spend it with you, if you'll have me.
Anne: That sounds like--
Tom: It is.
Anne: Oh my, God.
Tom: I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but will you marry me?
Anne: Yes.

Damn right I'm lying to myself. I lie to myself every day, sometimes every hour of every day. And sometimes that's not even enough, because if people think that there's no hope, they damn better believe that I think there is.


It's a fringe benefit of being a freak. Pain, injury doesn't keep you down for too long.


What do you do with all the hate?


Sara: Do you think that there's any way, anytime soon, that you might be able to give me some pointers on how to stick it to the enemy?
Pope: Is that some sort of euphemism?

Hal: So, are you going to tell me what you have in mind or are we going to stare at each other until the sun comes up?
Shaq: That would be a terribly inefficient use of our time.

Falling Skies Quotes

Karen: Glad you came Hal. I wasn't sure you got my message.
Hal: Loud and clear.

Girl: Nice one, Benji.
Ben: Stop calling me that.