Defending Parental Rights - Family Law Season 1 Episode 2
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Daniel and Abby meet with a down syndrome couple who fears the government wants to take away their baby.

Daniel wants to do the case pro bono. Harry isn't pleased.

The siblings need a plan they can advocate for.

Lucy gathers info about the couple's routine, and Abby tries to find out who filed the complaint.

Lucy's wife Maggie is ovulating and discusses meeting baby donors.

Lucy is interested in meeting her niece and nephew.

Abby learns Ellie is having a boy, and they bond over Abby not having her kids either.

Daniel gets upset they didn't know Levi's mom had Parkinson's. Lucy thinks the three could manage but they need practice.

Lucy gives Ellie and Levi a baby simulator to practice with and it records them. It looked like they were good until the social worker showed something disturbing.

No one believes that Abigail didn't take the footage of the Levi putting the baby in the closet.

Ellie's water breaks.

Abigail pushes the kid that bullied her son.

Abigail figures out Karen called the social worker. Lucy announces that Levi and Ellie left the hospital.

Abigail berates Karen for putting her nephew in the system and not giving him a chance.

Levi and Ellie ran away to Abigail's house. Karen holds her nephew.

Karen offers to care for her nephew and open a local practice.

The judge approves the parenting plan of Karen and Mary helping them.

Abigail tries not to show she's hurt being left out of the family campaign.

Lucy is uncomfortable with the stimulated baby and meets someone at the bar.

Family Law
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Family Law Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Harry: It would be futile to take on a pro bono case you can't possibly win.
Daniel: What makes you think we can't win?
Harry: You're kidding, right? They can't possibly raise a child.
Abigail: Don't say it.
Harry: The law is clear. We must act in the best interest of the child. Back me on this, Abigail.
Abigail: I think it's highly unlikely they’re capable of raising a child, but neither were you, but you had three. I'm willing to give it a go.

Now we have to prove we can be good parents or else they’ll take away our baby.