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Varga forces Emmit to sign a bunch of papers. Emmit mindlessly does so, but then snaps and holds a gun on Varga. Meemo knocks Emmit out, and Varga has his men wipe the house so it appears as if they were never there.

As it turns out, Emmit signed papers selling the now fully bankrupt company over to Ruby Goldfarb, who has been in league with Varga all along.

Nikki and Wrench set a trap for Varga. After mailing the documents to the IRS, they lure Varga, Meemo, and their men to a warehouse, where they manage to slaughter everyone -- except for Varga who escapes.

Meanwhile, Larue Dollard calls Gloria after seeing the note Nikki left telling him to phone Gloria. Larue tells Gloria about the tax fraud and money scheme Varga has been pulling through Stussy Lots.

Nikki goes after Emmit when Varga slips from her grasp. They have a confrontation when Nikki tracks him to an empty road, but Nikki is killed when a state trooper intervenes. She and the trooper simultaneously shoot and kill one another. Emmit escapes and heads back to his wife, crying to her. She takes him back.

In a five-year jump, Emmit enjoys a holiday dinner with his family and a partially recovered, now-awake Sy. Emmit goes to the kitchen to grab the salad. While there, Mr. Wrench assasinates him quietly with one shot to the head.

In the jump, Gloria has become an agent of the Department of Homeland Security. She is told that they've found Varga. She interrogates him, but he will still give no information up and maintains that reality and truth are what you make of them. Gloria is confident that Varga will go straight to Rikers for money laundering, tax fraud, and murder. Varga is equally confident that he will be released and charged with nothing.

They sit and wait to see what happens.

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Fargo Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

He's a kitten now — Ray. In case you were wondering. I looked in his eyes. My Ray. Who never got to say goodbye. Who you left bleeding on the floor. Sadness in his eyes. Your own brother.


You work for Varga. All this time. Like a fire door that leads to another fire

Emmit [to Ruby Goldfarb]