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Ray impersonates Emmit at the bank in order to get into the safety deposit box that Nikki found out about. When he gets nasty, he's able to get into it without the key. He finds the ashes of a dog named Luverne in there and dumps them out in a trash bin, but also walks out with $10,000. Nikki is excited about them meeting with someone who might be willing to sponsor their bridge playing.

Sy tells Emmit what Ray did. He also tells him that they should meet with a woman, widow Goldfarb, who wants to invest in the company, so that they can slowly get out of the Varga situation. Emmit reluctantly agrees and wonders what Varga and his men are up to. Sy suggests that Varga may have been capable of having the lawyer killed, though it was ruled a suicide.

Varga’s lackeys go to meet with him in the truck in the parking lot.

Gloria goes to see Maurice’s body and finds the parole office card in his wallet.

Gloria meets with her boss, who pushes her to give up the Ennis case. She refuses, saying she'll work on it for another few days.

She goes to the parole office, where she spots Nikki briefly outside. Gloria meets Winnie Lopez, an overly friendly and affable local cop while there, in the bathroom. Winnie is there to interview Ray about the accident where Sy hit his car (though Ray declines pressing charges).

Gloria interviews Ray, who denies any knowledge of Maurice’s crime and suggests that it was a random hit because Maurice was a druggie. Gloria is less convinced and comments on the coincidence of Ray sharing a last name with Ennis.

Ray is called into his boss’ office, where there is also a superior waiting for him. They show him photos of Ray and Nikki at Emmit’s party, coming down hard on him for having been dating a parolee. They offer him the chance to say it was just a one time thing to get out of it, ending the relationship, but Ray refuses, saying they're in love. The other two men try to convince him it's a bad idea, but Ray begs them to only punish him and not send Nikki to jail. They agree, firing Ray. When he walks outside, he sees Sy, who points at him silently while driving away.

Afterwards, Ray drinks alone at a bar, messing his appointment with Nikki and the potential sponsor, not answering when she tries to call him.

Winnie Lopez goes to Stussy Lots to see Sy about the Humvee registered to the company having hit the two cars. She notices that the name of the company is the same as Ray’s last name. He acts very suspicious and nervous when he sees that Varga’s two men see the cop there. Winnie tries to push Sy for information on who might have been driving the humvee. He refuses to give the information right away and acts very weird.

Varga arrives at Emmit’s house at dinnertime, weaseling his way to the dinner table and chatting up his wife. After dinner, Varga goes upstairs to throw up. Varga is apparently bulimic, repeatedly throwing up after eating meals. After dinner, Varga presents Emmit with paperwork to make him a partner in the company.

Varga reveals that he knows all about the feud between Ray and Emmit, having eavesdropped on their calls and stalked them online. He wonders if Nikki or Ray will be a problem. Emmit assures him that Ray is a loser and Nikki must also be one too.

Emmit is resistant, but Varga convinces him that he can make Emmit rich enough to insulate himself from the dangers of the poor attacking the 1%. Emmit agrees after Varga tells him that he got the Minnesota National Trust to agree to extend him $25 million in additional credit.

Late at night, Winnie turns up at Gloria’s house to tell her about the owner of the Humvee having the same name as Ray and as Ennis, and about Ray and Emmit being brothers. Gloria starts to connect the dots.

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