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A masked robber interrupts a money exchange by armored-car guards at a strip club. OA is about to close on a condo but he's concerned that his cryptocurrency investments are dropping. Ex-financier Scola advises OA to stay away from crypto. Jubal says it's the fifth armored-car robbery in recent days by the same robber. Ian tracks the stolen car used by the robber. Maggie and Tiffany interrupt his latest robbery at a check-cashing store then he runs into a parking garage and escapes. OA debates taking a short-term loan. The robber escapes on the subway. Ian locates a different man, Michael Holt, with the stolen-money bag. Holt meets up with a drug dealer and they're both arrested. Holt stole the bag from the robber. All Holt remembered about the robber was that he wore expensive sneakers. The robber is a strip-club owner, Thomas Hoffman, who runs when a drunk accosts OA but quickly gets arrested. Hoffman owes loan shark Mason Siminian $300,000. Hoffman lost big in crypto and needed money, and that resonates with OA. Scola and OA try to get Hoffman to wear a wire to entrap Simonian. He reluctantly agrees. Tiffany poses as Hoffman's girlfriend to get him back on track, offering to get the money from her rich father within a couple of days. Simonian refuses to take the bait money. When OA was haggling by phone over a loan, Stimonian grabbed Tiffany and the cash and gets away. Simonian calls Hoffman to demand the money now. Tiffany's button cam runs out of charge. The JOC finds Simonian's home and OA, Scola, and a tactical team invade, shooting Simonian and his muscle. They rescue Tiffany. She tells OA it wasn't his fault because it happened so fast. OA decides to kill the deal to buy the condo.

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FBI Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Desperation makes people more dangerous.


Maggie: When did you start caring so much about material things?
OA: I don't care about material things.