A Weekend Away - Fellow Travelers
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Hawk and Tim haven't spoken in three weeks, and they're both moving on with their respective careers.

They have a chance encounter in the building and Hawk tells him he wants to take him away for his birthday and to meet him in 15 minutes.

They meet and head off. At the first bar, Hawk leaves and helps a man who's tried to kill himself.

We learn that Hawk is there to get evidence to take down McCarthy. This doesn't sit well with Tim who's left in a bar.

He rushes off, and Tim tells him he's done with him and tries to leave. He manages to get him back to the room and Tim tells him that he's kissed a man because he was left behind.

They have sex after an argument.

Hawk goes back to find out more about what happened to Daniel, and he tells him that McCarthy assaulted him and then promised him he would move his office to nearer to his mom. 

When he asked in a letter, McCarthy sent agents to his door who told his mother about his sexuality.

Hawk buys the evidence and leaves. As they're headed back to town, Tim realizes that going back to hiding their relationship is not for him.

McCarthy goes on the TV and says that they are going after army for deviants.

Marcus finds himself in hot water with Frankie when they are thrown out of the bar and Frankie wants to get his belongings.

They are thrown out due to the bar flouting desegregation rules.

Marcus writes an article about his experience but leaves out the homophobia.

Frankie is upset but Marcus tries to make him aware that he has to curate his articles so they get through editors.



Fellow Travelers
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Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Frankie: I don't mean to sound like a prima donna, but where am I?
Marcus: I know.
Frankie: The bouncer called us fags. You forget that?
Marcus: Frankie... That's not a fight I can win right now. No editor would run that story. I'll always be a colored man first. It's all folks see.
Frankie: When I was a kid, no one noticed me. Which was a good thing, because when they noticed me, it was with a curse, or a smack or a shove. But the first time I went full drag to a club, in a cheap Halloween wig and a borrowed poodle skirt... people noticed. They looked at me.
Marcus: I'm lookin' at you.

Hawk: Listen, Skippy. I wanna spend the weekend with you. Go back to the office, tell Dragon Lady you don't feel well. Meet me on the southwest corner of Independence and Third in 15 minutes.
Tim: Fifteen?
Hawk: Green Ford. Oh, and happy birthday.