Hawk Takes a Polygraph - Fellow Travelers
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A man is being interviewed about his sexuality and leaves the office. He goes straight into oncoming traffic, killing himself.

In the present, Hawk reconnects with Frankie and Marcus and learns they take in teens with nowhere to go.

Tim wants to get a bill passed that will prevent discrimination against people suffering from HIV and AIDS.

Hawk says he has a contact he can speak to and then goes back on it because he's worried it will out him.

He goes to a bar to get drunk and returns, realizing he has to do this.

But Tim is nowhere to be found. He had a seizure and landed in hospital.

In the 1950s, Hawk gets a letter to attend a meeting. Someone reported on him and he's livid.

Mary says she has no clue who it was but that she hid the letter in his desk.

He goes to the first meeting and asks the man about whether people would try to kill the interviewer.

He tells Hawk to return for a polygraph. Hawk trains himself to pass the test and the man tells him there and then.

Hawk is brimming from ear to ear and gives Tim a birthday gift in the form of cufflinks. He also gives him a letter to give Schine.

Tim is at a meeting as Cohn is being dragged through the mud for his support of Schine.

We learn that McCarthy's office is being investigated and it's all thanks to Cohn.

Schine opens the letter and realizes it's the evidence to put McCarthy away.




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Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Hawk: The gentleman who left the unit last week, he stepped in front of a truck. That must affect someone in your position.
Man: Unfortunately, we're seeing an average of one suicide per week.
Hawk: You ever worry that someone might kill you instead?
Man: One moment. You'll have to return tomorrow for a polygraph.
Hawk: No, that won't be necessary. Just speak to Mr. McLeod.
Man: When we believe a polygraph is required, cooperation is mandatory. We're trying to clear the backlog before the holidays. Can you come back tomorrow after hours?
Hawk: Sure.

Mary: They're going to ask you questions about your private activities in detail. Hawk: I hope they've scheduled several hours for that.
Mary: I thought you were taking this seriously.
Hawk: I am.
Mary: You take nothing seriously. You're all wrong for him, Fuller. He is deeply sincere, and you're going to hurt him.
Miss Addison: I know who you're talking about. The boy who gave Mr. Fuller that book? Yeah, I saw what he wrote inside. "Mr. Fuller, thank you for everything. You're wonderful."
Mary: You reported him.
Hawk: You're right, Miss Addison. I am wonderful. So why don't you just suffer? Merry Christmas.